Simple Everyday Chore Helped Bill And Melinda Gates Make Their Marriage Even Happier

Date May 10, 2019

Bill Gates met his then-future wife in 1987 at a Microsoft media briefing. At the time, she worked for his company, but apparently, he didn’t notice her immediately. The couple got married only in 1994 and soon therewafter brought three beautiful children into the world.

One of the keys to family success is a common goal and similar mindset. However, just work isn’t enough for true happiness! Of course, the couple finds time for exciting family activities as well. But when your spouse is a billionaire, you may face some difficulties over time.

This happened to their family when Melinda was pregnant with the first child. Bill was busy traveling all the time. The woman began to feel lonely. Luckily, when she started talking about her problems with her spouse, they were able to eliminate the difficulties and balance their relationship. 

An additional help to relationship rescue was provided by an unusual family incident. Once after dinner, Melinda suddenly realized that she had stayed in the kitchen for another 10 minutes when everyone else had already gone about doing their business.

It happened repeatedly. After some time, she decided one evening to speak out with her hand on her hips:

Nobody leaves the kitchen until I leave the kitchen!

It helped a lot; everyone started helping Melinda clean the table. After that, they wash dishes with Bill every night. Sounds so simple, yet delightful for family time.

The story suggests that every couple may face problems, but they can be easily eliminated if addressed in time. You must listen to each other and start working as a team. Melinda and Bill managed to do it, and their marriage became a perfect place for love and peace.