Too Adorable For Words: Dad Found A Very Original Way To Lull His Baby

Date March 28, 2019

Daddies are capable of anything, that’s for sure. They can even replace the baby’s mom when she suddenly needs to leave.

We have already told you how a resourceful dad found a very unusual but effective way to calm the baby when the mother isn’t around. Another dad put the baby to his breast to teach it breastfeeding, while the mother couldn’t do it herself due to temporary health problems.

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Our hero for today, Cody Comer, has a very common hobby – he plays the guitar.

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He has recently begun recording videos and posting them on YouTube. He has only a few followers for now, but we are sure ultimate success is waiting for him ahead. Moreover, he is raising a wonderful duet partner – his adorable son!

By the way, the baby has made a lot of people learn about Cody’s hobby, increasing the number of his subscribers significantly with the help of this cute video! For comparison's sake, Cody’s other videos were viewed no more than 1,200 times, while the Guitar Baby clip has already gathered over 22,000 views!

What if Cody decides to continue recording such duet videos? Success is inevitable.

Were you touched by the cute performance of the sleeping child and the skillful guitar player? Share the video with your friends – inspire Cody to make even more viral content such as this!

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