Trying To Achieve Partner’s Respect: Things To Avoid Doing To Your Man

Date July 5, 2019 17:20

The concepts of love and respect are closely related. If you lose one of these in a relationship, the other disappears automatically. Psychologists advise to avoid doing these 7 things to stay respected by your spouse.

1. Don’t cross your partner’s personal boundaries

When a man and a woman get closer, the boundaries between them gradually blur. We begin to enter the territory of another person involuntarily. Many women begin to manipulate their partners and demand things from them, claiming they owe them all the world. When you breach personal borders, you are no longer respected.

Allow your partner to be different. Give him an opportunity to have his opinion, belongings, finances, personal time, and habits.

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2. Don’t agree on everything

Men respect ladies who have their personal views. A woman who agrees on everything rarely looks decent in a man’s eyes.

3. Don’t make your man the meaning of your life

Although many men claim they dream of a woman who will run around devoting all her time to them, in fact, it's quite different. Men show much more respect for women who have their own interests and friends. Don’t make a man the centre of your entire world.

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4. Don’t lie

Honesty is the key to any healthy relationship. Once you lie, you can lose a person’s trust and respect forever. Be honest not only to others but also to yourself.

5. Don’t pretend to be different

If you are cheerful and energetic, don’t make yourself look like the English queen. And on the contrary, if you are an introvert, there is no need to do your best to become the life of the party. Why? Because it is very noticeable when a person tries to act like someone else. If a person doesn’t respect his or her own personality, others won’t either. Try to feel comfortable with yourself. Quite trying to adapt.

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6. Don’t complain about your exes

Regardless of what you've heard, male solidarity actually exists. Even if your ex was a scoundrel, you shouldn’t tell about it at every opportunity. Your current partner is unlikely to appreciate it. Apart from that, he may also think that in the case of a breakup, you will speak about him in the same way in front of a new boyfriend.

7. Don’t be scornful of others

If you respect others, they will respect you. If a man notices this, he will also treat you well. So don’t be late for dates, consider the interests of your partner, and don’t neglect others.

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If you want your man to treat you with respect, eradicate these 7 things from your life. Remember to share this article with friends and let them also know the secrets of mutual respect.

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.