Woman Underwent 300 Plastic Surgeries Because Her Mother Didn’t Consider Her Beautiful Enough

Date July 5, 2019 17:55

Parents often play a crucial role in our self-perception. Most of them try to convince their kids that they are beautiful, and they have no reason for complexes or anxiety. However, some moms and dads are able to undermine and even distort a child’s self-esteem very seriously.

39-year-old Tsubaki Tomomi from Japan became famous in her home country as a woman who underwent more than 300 plastic and cosmetic procedures to the sum of $280,000.

It was all due to childhood psychological trauma that pushed her to such transformations. According to Tomomi, her mom has never been pleased with her appearance and criticized her at every opportunity, including in the presence of strangers.

When guests came to their house and said something like: “Tsubaki grew up so beautiful!” her mom replied: “She’s an ugly child.”

After some time, the girl grew to believe that her appearance was terrible. As soon as Tomomi turned 18, she had her first plastic surgery.

Since then, Tsubaki has undergone hundreds of beauty procedures, including jaw, eye, and nose correction; breast augmentation; facelift; and many others for more than 21 years.

After the transformation, the girl quickly climbed the career ladder. Now Tomomi is one of the most sought-after hostesses in Japan. In addition, she tries her luck in the modeling business. She still continues to spend most of her earned money on plastic surgery.

Well, what do you think: would Tomomi's mother finally be happy now with her daughter's appearance? Share your opinions in the comments.