Young Sisters Married Wealthy 80-Year-Old Brothers And Inherited All Their Property

Date April 24, 2019

As is said, "To love all ages yield surrender." However, the sincerity of feelings in some unequal marriages is very doubtful.

Two sisters from Argentina, Liliana and Nilda Basualdo, married rich brothers who could well act as their grandfathers. At that time, the girls hadn't even turned 30.

Liliana married farmer Ciriaco Titti in 2008 when she was only 22. Later, her sister Nilda married the man’s older brother, Isidro. At the time, the groom was already 80 years old.

The girls knew the gents since childhood. Nilda had been working in the milking parlor on Isidro’s farm since she was 15. Eventually, the couple welcomed a daughter.

In 2010, Isidro passed away, and only a few months later, his brother Ciriaco also passed away. After the men’s deaths, two-thirds of their family land (362 acres) was taken over by Liliana, and the remaining third went to Nilde.

But the story doesn’t end here! In 2016, Nilda married the third brother, Pedro Titti. This marriage also didn’t last long – two years later, the man passed away.

Now, Norma Titti, Pedro’s 40-year-old daughter, is trying to regain ownership of her family’s farm. The Basualdo sisters note that their marriages were legal, and the men decided to marry by themselves.

Well, the story sounds like a well-written script to a soap opera. Do you believe in the sincerity of the sisters’ feelings? Share your opinions in the comments!