Guy Married His Friend's Mom And Became His Stepfather Just To Take A Revenge On Him!

We must have all done something in revenge at least once in our lives. In this way, we attracted attention, satisfied our ego, or even made our ex’s jealous.

But a blogger named David Dobrik seems to have outclassed all of us. He married his friend's mom. And that's not a joke!

David Dobrik married his friend's mom

Who is David Dobrik? This is a famous YouTube blogger whose audience has already exceeded 12 million. He films funny and daring videos. But one of the latest clips shocked many of his subscribers. David showed how he married the mother of his friend Jason Nash.


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In one of the videos, Jason told his friend David that he would never marry.

You will never have an ex-wife because no one will marry you ever.

Dobrik was probably very hurt. So, he came up with a brilliant plan on how to take revenge on the friend and make a few more thousand fans.

He arrived at Mrs. Nash to proposed to her!

She liked the idea very much. So the couple got engaged in Las Vegas.

3 hours after the proposal, they became husband and wife! Then, they flew to Hawaii for a honeymoon trip.

Dobrik had previously dated American actress and blogger Liza Koshy. Their relationship lasted from 2015 to 2018. After parting, they remained good friends.  


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What would people do for the sake of popularity?

People are ready to do a lot of things just to become famous. Dobrik officially married his friend's mother. It is good that such a joke has no serious consequences. But there are other cases.

One blogger demonstrated how she removed hair from her body with toothpaste, which turned out to be extremely harmful.

Another couple of bloggers decided to take a shocking picture. The guy was holding his beloved above the steep and kissing her, violating all safety rules.

If you ever want to follow the example or advice of a blogger, think twice about the consequences. For example, would you ever marry your son's friend? Share your thoughts in the comments.