When The Boy Was 17, He Married A 51-Year-Old Woman. What Do They Look Like 18 Years After?

Date May 30, 2019

Love is a very unpredictable feeling. You suppose that you are head over heels with brunettes, but you fall in love with the blondes. Someone dreams of an engineer and finds happiness with a talented painter. Well, the heart wants what it wants!

This is exactly what happened to Jay Barham when he was a teenager. At 17, he met a divorced 51-year-old Linda, who already had two children. The woman was 12 years older than his mother.

A year later, this unusual couple got married. The age gap between them is 31 years. We are ready to tell you how their relationship has developed 18 years after the wedding!

Jay and Linda’s relationship

Jay met Linda when he was an intern at the youth work center. They were united by the common love of music when the woman taught him how to drive. During one of the lessons in the car, they kissed for the first time when their favorite track started playing.

Since then, their relationship couldn’t be stopped. Jay says it was a shock for both. Linda has a son of the same age!

When Linda’s children found out about their mother’s relationship, they were also surprised. But they decided that they would accept her choice if it made her happy.

8 months after they met, the couple got married.

No one thought their relationship would last long. But in 2019, they have celebrated the 18th anniversary!

We don't care what people say. Our marriage has lasted a lot longer than many others and we are still very much in love.

The couple has worked in the bakery for most of their family life and has recently opened a small cafe near their home.

I've never thought about age, I just think about the woman I love.

Will the marriage last long if the woman is older?

The example of Jay and Linda isn’t unique. Men often fall in love with older women if they are experienced and intelligent. For example, Brigitte Macron is almost 25 years older than her spouse!

Well, if you are ready to fight for your happiness, nothing should stop you. You will eventually succeed!

What do you think about a relationship with an older partner? Have you experienced something similar? Share your opinions in the comments!