Honest Stories Of What It’s Like To Become An Adoptive Mom And Change A Child’s Fate

Date July 19, 2019

Here are 3 short stories of brave women who didn’t stay indifferent, but changed the world for 3 little angels by giving them a loving family.

Honest Stories Of What It’s Like To Become An Adoptive Mom And Change A Child’s FateKichigin /

When Daria adopted Vasilisa, she was pregnant and already had a son. Childcare services thought she was crazy – she was due in 2 months!

The young woman had dreamed to adopt a child for 10 years – she wanted a girl. But after browsing through lists of children’s profiles, she came to terms with the fact that she would adopt a disabled child. It was Daria’s acquaintances who advised to consider Vasilisa – the child had cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, and her healthy elder brother had been already adopted.

From the moment they laid eyes on her, Daria and her husband realized that even though it would be difficult, the 2-year-old had won her over. Over the course of five meetings, the woman prepared the documents and made the final decision to adopt the child.

The main secret of how she copes with 3 kids is in her husband’s support and sincere interest in the children. For the sake of the family, Daria got a remote job. One can say that it’s easier said than done, but they got through it.

Olga Bartysh is an artist. She is married too and doesn’t consider this a heroic feat. She and her husband Konstantin refused to “buy” a child – they didn’t pay a penny to anybody, although they were denied everywhere.

When they learned that there was a new child available for adoption, they rushed to meet her – a 3-year-old gypsy girl. It took the happy parents only a couple of months to adopt the girl. But the problems still lay ahead – adjusting the little savage to life in a family with two brothers and basic potty training.

When the girl felt maternal love, she started biting and scratching less and even started to walk bending the knees, which she hadn’t done before. Uma – that’s what Olga and Konstantin called their new daughter – behaved strangely, she would twist and cry, throwing tantrums when they tried to calm her down. Her new mother guessed that it could be withdrawal cravings from sedatives: the Romani sometimes give them to children so that they don’t cry when the mom panhandles. Olga tried to bear with the fits patiently and lovingly, but one time in despair she ran into the woods and just screamed at the top of her lungs.

The woman wouldn’t cope if it wasn’t for her husband, who took over some of the parenting responsibilities. Olga, in turn, started painting to sell, regardless of whether or not she found inspiration. Gradually, they found a balance and now the family doesn’t regret making this decision.

Unlike the previous 2 hero-mothers, Julia from Vladivostok, Russia, lives alone. The decision to adopt a child was a long and hard one for her. She thoroughly planned all the stages ahead of time. Everything went according to plan – after taking a course for adoptive parents, Julia took leave of absence at work and entirely devoted herself to her son Ivan, who at the time of adoption wasn’t even a month old. The single mom promises to tell her son the whole truth as to how he appeared in their small family.

Honest Stories Of What It’s Like To Become An Adoptive Mom And Change A Child’s FateStepanPopov /

Statistics show that the number of adopted children decreases every year. In fact, the child doesn’t need that much – just to be loved by someone. All 3 women were still capable of giving birth, 2 already had children, but they still opened their hearts to someone else’s biological offspring. And the best is, not one of them considers herself a hero for this amazing act of humanity.