No-Go: 10 Habits Of Men To Avoid Joining Your Life With

Date June 14, 2019

Although many people believe that happy relationships and marriages are impossible to create without the help of higher powers, it is a person who chooses the life partner.

No-Go: 10 Habits Of Men To Avoid Joining Your Life Withsirtravelalot /

Psychologist David Buss concluded that the choice is also affected by a woman’s level of attractiveness: the more beautiful or successful she is, the higher her requirements for a potential partner. However, everyone needs approximately the same set of “qualities”: good genes, resources, parenting skills, as well as loyalty, and devotion. There are 10 habits that indicate a man is not worth building a relationship with.

1. He dislikes animals

This may indicate that the man is incapable of kindness and sympathy. Generally, those who are irritable or aggressive towards animals make bad fathers.

2. He dislikes his own family

We don’t choose our relatives: we love them by default. If a man hates his own family, there will most likely be problems in marriage since he is not used to treasuring his close ones.

3. Narcissism

If a potential suitor always praises himself and his achievements, and imposes his own opinion with an air of arrogance and inpudence, you are probably dealing with a narcissist.

4. You come second

Being a “backup” option is not what any woman dreams of. If a man puts his hobbies or habits first, the relationship is doomed.

5. Instability of principles

Frequent and radical change of opinions is a bad sign if you hope for a stable relationship. Your man may be madly in love now, but moments later, he may be threatening or manipulating you with a breakup. Who would like that?

6. He doesn’t keep his word

Failure to make good on his word shows that it’s just a game for him. He is in for the fun part, but not for the responsibility.

7. He keeps teasing you

Innuendos, sarcasm, and inappropriate comments make you feel uncomfortable? This is possibly just the beginning: the amount of unreasonable criticism often increases over time.

8. He is looking for a “sponsor”

Typical kept men are used to living at the expense of women. Relationships don’t usually last because they leave with regrets as soon as their sponsor tries to limit their aspirations for a comfortable life.

9. He is a mama's boy

Love for one's mother is commendable and sacred. But not when it affects every decision the man makes, including those in professional or personal life. There are usually three people in such a relationship: you, him, and his mother.

10. He is infantile

Openness, enthusiasm, and cheerful disposition make anyone pleasant to hang out with. But if a respectable man behaves like a childish boy, then you probably won't be able to rely on him in tough times.

How to make the right call when there are so many restrictions? Here are some simple tips.

  1. Spend enough time together so that your potential partner shows his true self in different situations.
  2. Look for a person with whom you can talk about everything, have a similar sense of humor, and have a lot in common. At the same time, you two should be different enough to stay interesting for each other.
  3. Don’t rush things: before taking the relationship to a new level, you need to know your partner really well.

These 10 habits are types of markers that can help you predict possible problems in a relationship. That said, there are always exceptions. Wouldn’t you agree?

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.