Autistic Boy Went To School With A Recorder Hidden In Backpack: Teachers Were Saying Awful Things

Date May 21, 2018

Every mom’s worries for her child. And if the child is not the same as others, parents want to surround them with iron-clad care, and make all the world believe in them the same way they do.

In 2017, Milissa Davis sent her autistic son, Camden, to the Hope Academy. This school at Baton Rogue, Louisiana, specializes in teaching kids with special needs. Its official website declares that they promote “encouragement, positive relationships and recognition of student accomplishment.” Milissa thought they got lucky with the Academy.

However, soon, the mother noticed that her son became aloof and generally aggressive after the classes. She felt that something was wrong. So she decided to find out what was really happening inside the Academy. Milissa hid a recorder in Camden’s backpack, because her son couldn’t tell her the story.

My heart is breaking over what has happened to him.

From the records, she discovered that it weren’t the classmates or other children that bullied her child, but teachers – trained professionals.

Bullying is awful. But it is even worse, when it comes from adults.

Here is a transcript of a few quotes from the audio:

Teacher: You're just writing the word. What is hard about it?

Camden: *indistinct noise*

Teacher: *repeats Camden’s response in a mocking tone*

Teacher: Camden, why don't you have anything written down? That's why you can't sit with everyone. Tell your momma that.

The next day, the recording was heard by the school board. Milissa shared it on social networks (but soon took it down). Here is what Linda Stone, the principal, thinks about it:

It must be a compilation of different tracks. Many of them are private conversations between two adults without any children present. I admit that the content is disturbing. But I resent that the mother hasn’t contacted the Hope Academy before uploading this audio to networks. She even refused to meet to discuss further steps.

The academy has built a solid reputation over the years. These records do not correspond to who we are. These two teachers do not represent our school’s reputation and mission. Either they don’t work here anymore, or will leave at the end of this semester. Again, we invite Milissa to meet with us.

Now, the boy is studying at a different school. His current teacher is having a hard time dealing with emotional scars the colleagues left. Now, Camden’s emotional state is a priority.

He is still very anxious. He wets his bed. Even though we didn’t have this problem since he was 3.

Milissa hopes that her child was the last one bullied in the Academy. People should accept autistic children and adults. They are radiating so much positivity.

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