4 Telltale Signs That Your Man Is Going To Leave You

Date November 27, 2018 10:37

Unexpected events always leave the most vivid impressions. Especially if it's connected with something unpleasant. Being left by your partner is one of those. It seems like only yesterday you were talking as usual, and today he says he doesn't want to be a couple anymore. You're shell shocked...

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Signs to take note of

Only when time absorbs some of your pain, you'll begin to remember the moments that signaled you about troubles in the relationship, but you were shying away from them. 

Let's go through some of them, so that these situations don't catch somebody else off-guard.

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1. He doesn't want to discuss his plans with you

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You used to jokingly plan flying to the edge of the world together, but now he doesn't care even about spending a weekend together.

2. He spends more and more time with his friends 


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He used to rush you to finish your work faster and hurry home because he was already waiting for you. Now you're sitting alone and getting texts about non-existent meetings.

3. He gets irritated when you ask him for something

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A simple request of going to the shop turns into a huge fight: first you have to listen to him complain about the shopping list, that you should've made a proper one, then he will blame you for getting caught in the rain "cause you needed that bread."

4. He makes fun of you in front of others

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Instead of praising your cooking skills or drawing hobby, he cracks bad jokes about how sick he is of your soup, which lacks salt, or the unfinished painting, which constantly gets in his way.

How to prevent a break-up

Unfortunately, the list of signs can go on and on but we want to offer some solutions to the problem. You can start with these:

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  • see your partner for who they are, not who you want them to be;
  • find mutual hobbies so that both of you can master your skills (e.g. sport, hiking, gardening);
  • tell your partner about your feelings and emotions – live with an open heart;
  • deliver your complaints in a soft way by describing how his actions make you feel rather than blaming him for something;
  • show gratitude for every little thing, in this way encouraging your partner to do more and more useful things for your mutual welfare.

We believe that will be wiser and will increase your chances of keeping your relationship in "happily ever after" mode. In case a break-up is inevitable, thank your partner for the experience and let them go in peace. Life goes on!

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