43-Year-Old British Woman Decided To Stop After Giving Birth to 20 Kids. But She Couldn't!

Date November 27, 2018 10:34

In 2017, a British woman Sue had her husband's, Noel Radford, 20th baby. That was the moment she assured everyone she wasn't going to have any more kids. But as the saying goes, never say never. A year later, the family welcomed another baby. It's a girl. What a wonder!


My new beautiful daughter💕💕 4days old today.

Публикация от Noel Radford (@noelradford)

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Sue and Noel reckon that having a lot of kids is true joy. When the man found out that his wife was pregnant, he was over the moon. It's wonderful that these like-minded people found each other, as some couples separate because they can't agree on having a second child.

The two met 36 years ago. Sue got pregnant at the age of 14. The couple decided to keep the baby as both of them were abandoned by their parents when they were born.

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The woman has a lot of hassles. She especially struggles with laundry and ironing.

Currently, Sue gives more attention to the little ones, but she always finds time to nurture the older children. Also, the couple already has grandchildren, whom they babysit from time to time.


Публикация от Noel Radford (@noelradford)

But these aren't all the surprising aspects of this story. After having so many kids, Sue kept her great shape. She's the one on the left.

Feodor Vassilyev, from Russia, is the record holder for parenting the most children. His first wife had a total of 69 children from him. And he had 18 children in his second marriage.

Their numbers are impressive, aren't they? How many children would you have if you could decently provide for your family? Share with us in the coments below!

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