5 Signs That Scream Your Man Is "Breaking" You

Date December 4, 2018

Many women, without realizing it, accept the role of a victim in a relationship, suffering from the disguised violence of their partner. And at the same time, to others it might look like there is peace and harmony in this relationship.

Today we are going to tell you what things you should pay attention to at the very beginning of the relationship in order to recognize a potential abuser.

5 signs that your man is "breaking" you

1. He seeks sympathy

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Tyrants will never be satisfied with life. One of the distinctive features of such people is constant discontent and complaints regardless of a problem's scale. This type of man will compensate his pain, sadness, and frustration by taking control over the lives of his family, and in particular, his wife.

2. He isolates you from your family and friends

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As your relationship with such a man progresses, you may find yourself cut off from your common social circle and even your relatives. Tyrants may speak out negatively about your friends and close ones, causing you to reduce your contact with them or demanding to coordinate all your plans with him.

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3. Sudden mood swings

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It's another trademark of an emotional abuser. Furthermore, such a man requires that your state and mood match his no matter what you really feel at that moment. Attempts to cheer up a cold and estranged partner are usually futile.

4. Hot temper

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Everyone can be aggressive to a greater or lesser extent; however, people can act differently after a negative emotional outburst. If a man acts overly guilty for his tantrum or even tries to make up for it by giving you expensive gifts, it may be a good reason to give it some extra thought. Next time his burst of anger might not be as harmless.

5. He gets in the way of your personal fulfillment

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Every person needs to fill their life with resources that give their body and soul a rest, be it a dance class, guitar lessons, or embroidery. These are what really help us to realize our potential and become stronger and freer .However, if you're in a relationship with a tyrant, your hobbies will slowly be taking a back seat until they completely disappear from your life.

Remember, it's unattainable to build a healthy and harmonious relationship with such people. Therefore, it's best to ascertain the signs of oppression and concealed violence at the beginning of the relationship with a man.

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