"Mama's Boy": The Most Immature Men By Zodiac Sign

Date December 3, 2018

Many couples get divorced because a woman chose an immature and poorly adapted-to-life man, also known as a "mama's boy." Usually, such individuals are distinctively feeble and unable to make their own decisions.

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Most of the times a "mama's boy" can't be changed, therefore it's better to stay as far away from such men as you can. But how can you figure it out?

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5 zodiac signs who have distinctive features of a "mama's boy"

1. Virgo

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These men carry their mother's lessons through life with dignity. The ones she taught him at an early age, like how important it is to have a clean and neat house. The men of this sign are so careful in choosing their life partner that they literally put girls under the microscope. They therefore usually get married late and always criticise their spouse, using their mother as an example.

2. Libra

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Mother is pretty much worshipped in the family of this sign. Dad simply adores her and the people around think she's a fashion icon and admire her talents and achievements. Libra grows up with a complete confidence that there's no woman better than his mom.

3. Cancer

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Men born under this sign can't go a day without calling their mom. Even in adulthood, Cancerians behave like immature and helpless children. The woman who's decided to spend her life with such a man will have to deal with the fact that her beloved will constantly hold his mother as an example and she will often visit her precious son.

4. Pisces

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People of this sign often choose their significant other who is just like their mother. This man needs a woman who will accept him the way he is, with all the flaws and weaknesses, and will console him in his hour of need. Pisces are extremely indecisive men who wait for their partner to take care of all the problems.

5. Aquarius

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This is the pickiest zodiac sign. Aquarians often grow in an overindulgent and lawless environment; therefore, they expect others to fulfil all of their whims. Men born under this sign get so used to living with their mother that they may stay the night at her place or, at least, pop in for lunch even after the wedding.

What is your husband's relationship with their mother? How does it affect your marriage? Tell us about it in the comments!

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