What Can A Birth Month Tell About Your Child?

Date December 18, 2018 12:54

Astrologers consider the child's birth month to be defining in the formation of their character. According to them, each of the 12 types of children possesses unique features.

This information might help you understand your child better!

1. January-kid

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Many of the January kids look older than they actually are. And they act accordingly! You won't have to look over their shoulder while they're doing their homework.

A January child is ambitious and hard-working, yet at the same time incredibly sensitive, so they take any injustice to heart.

2. February-kid

February children are original and like to stand out from the crowd. As a rule, they are quick learners who seem to literally soak in all the information they encounter.

From a very young age, a February child is very independent and will rebel against any attempt to limit his/her freedom.

3. March-kid

March children are quite reserved and possess an incredible intuition. They're very emotional, therefore, they're often afraid of monsters and loud noises.

When exposed to stress, a March child becomes irritable, therefore you should take care of his/her mental state.

4. April-kid

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These kids are active, energetic and risk-taking; hence, you should always keep an eye on them. As teenagers, they can become uncontrollable due to their great aspiration to experimentation.

On the contrary, you'll definitely never get bored with such a child!

5. May-kid

May children are diplomatic, practical and consistent. They absolutely love beautiful clothes and sweets.

Such kids may sometimes throw tantrums for no reason, but are pretty easy to simmer down.

6. June-kid

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June children are very witty. They are equally good at expressing their thoughts verbally and in writing.

From an early age, they know how to use digital devices. And also, June kids are unparalleled actors!

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7. July-kid

July children are often very empathetic to other people's feelings and emotions; therefore, they require quite a lot of attention.

They constantly need to be hugged by parents. Also, they are keen on disassembling household appliances.

8. August-kid

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August kids often hate criticism and love being the center of attention. Praise such a child often and he or she will treat you with respect.

They are totally ready to trust their parents, but they demand the same attitude in return.

9. September-kid

These children are perfectionists almost from day one, hence, they can be very stubborn when trying to achieve their goals. They're happy when they can help other people in any way.

A September kid enjoys taking care of the elderly and stray animals.

10. October-kid

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Since October children see two sides of the same coin at once, it's difficult for them to make decisions on their own. They are unpredictable, but tackle negative emotions easily.

They can lie a little sometimes, but they will never go for any big lies.

11. November-kid

Curious November children will definitely reach the core of the thing they're interested in. Their love for riddles and conundrums has no limits!

Since these kids are very emotional, they can become real "extremists" in their teenage years.

12. December-kid

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December children live in a fairy-tale world. They love to study and teachers often become their good friends. Their great sense of humor helps them to attract people.

Have you recognized your child in the description? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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