Famous Psychiatrist Revealed Key Habits All Happy Couples Share

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December 4, 2018 18:59 By Fabiosa

Many people think that delightful stories about happy couples are a myth and they only exist in books and on TV screens. And after the prince proposed to Cinderella and she moved into his castle, they immersed into the routine life which chased away the beautiful fairytale. But in reality, there are couples that spend their whole life together and enjoy their relationship. A famous psychiatrist, Mark Goulston, has a few tips on how to achieve it.

1. Cultivate common interests

At the beginning of a relationship, you try to show each other your personal interests and share your partner's hobbies, even if you aren't particularly fond of those things. But gradually, when the passion settles down, the couple come to realize that it's not that easy to find common topics and interests as it might have seemed. The best solution here is to find what's common in you, things you both enjoy. However, you shouldn't give up on your personal hobbies as well: as you can always stay an independent person.

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2. Focus more on their virtues

Every once in a while, even the loving partners might blame each other, focusing on what they don't like in their companion. But things are simple, really. Everyone has their flaws but you shouldn't pinpoint them if they don't directly affect the development of your relationship. It's better to talk this through with your other half and look at the situation at a different, more positive, angle.

3. Trust and forgive

Distrust is one of the reasons the relationships start to fall apart. This actually makes a person lose their confidence and it shows that they disapprove of their own life choices. The ability to trust and forgive is a crucial aspect of the relationship's development.

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4. Check up on them

Obviously, it doesn't mean your partner will be happy to get 10 calls and 100 messages a day. But a quick text during the day will help your significant other relax a little, get distracted from stressful work issues, and set their mind on the dinner together.

5. Go to bed together

Of course, different schedules and sleeping patterns may disrupt this habit. But when once you used to rush to bed in order to enjoy each other's company, watch a movie together or discuss some issues. Going to sleep together is a great opportunity to become closer.

+ Bonus: Hugs

It's far more important than a kiss. Hugs give you a sense of peace and quiet, allow you to feel safe. Hug each other more often - before going to work, when you meet or just for no reason at all.

The relationship is a home and only you decide how you build it to live a happy life together. It is a great gift to cherish and keep.

Do you have your own secret techniques that help you keep harmony in the relationship?

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