10 Pictures Illustrating How Motherhood Changes The Body. Imperfect Figures Of The World's Best Moms!

Date January 17, 2019

In social networks, we mostly see pictures of perfect women who can boast a flat stomach a month after giving birth. Unfortunately, not everyone recovers that fast. And it takes a heavy blow on many moms’ self-esteem.

Sisters and photographers Aimee and Jenna Hobbs know firsthand what it means to be insecure in front of a camera because of the flaws of the figure. Jenna is a mother of five, and Aimee has become a grandmother already! The sisters decided to show others that the body of a mother is always beautiful.

We wanted to celebrate the beauty of the postpartum look – the stretch marks, the C-section scars, the weight gain.

The photographers are sure that their bodies are worth loving.

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They urge women to stop waiting for the moment when they lose weight to be photographed.

It always feels safe, warm, and comfortable in mother's arms.

If it isn’t bliss, then what is? These moments are worth capturing regardless of the so-called ‘flaws’ of the postpartum body.

People applaud the Hobbs sisters for this project.

These women need our support!

So much trust between the mother and children. Just take a look!

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Children love their mommies for who they are! And so should a mother love herself.

The fame of this photo project keeps growing every year. Will you support these beautiful women in the comments? You could take such photos and post them on social networks as well!

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