8 Reasons Why Men Leave Even Women They Love With All Their Hearts

Date November 27, 2018 18:18

Not every break-up is because the feelings have gone. A man can leave even the one he truly loves.

Let’s try to figure out what ends a relationship between two people who still love each other.

1. You’ve changed

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When two people are getting to know each other, at times it seems to them that they are carbon copies of each other. But after a while, each may acquire their own interests, friends, and favored activities. Your sweetheart may notice that you have become somebody else. He gets the feeling that you are not "that person" anymore, that he’s lost you.

It’s even worse if you’ve changed on the outside; in other words, if you've neglected yourself.

2. You are not looking in the same direction


At a certain point, your lives go separate ways and you are left with little in common. It seems that there are all the same feelings between you two, the same spark, but you strive for different things. This is especially common among couples that have been together for more than 5 years.

3. He doesn't make you happy

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It is vital for men that their women are the happiest. It upsets them when their loved ones are sad, they begin to feel guilty. Unable to withstand constant pressure, he leaves in the hope that you will be happier without him.

4. You play "daddy's little girl" too often

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Psychologists say that a woman should be different: sometimes a queen, and sometimes a little girl. But everything should be in moderation. A healthy relationship between two adults should not be based on "father-daughter" dynamics.

5. You want to change him

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Many couples discover each other’s rough edges after some time. He works a lot, wears ridiculous clothes, or laughs too loudly. Stop picking on his idiosyncrasies if you don't want to lose him.

6. Negativity prevails in your relationship

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If you and your partner made a mistake and crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and now mutual reproaches, discontent, and resentment prevail in your relationship, then most likely he will leave.

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7. You are manipulating him

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A man can let a woman manipulate him, but only for so long. Everything comes to an end. You will not achieve your goals this way in the long run, as he will eventually get tired of it.

8. You don’t value him

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Men are built in such a way that they crave recognition, especially from the woman they love. Remember how your relationship started. You must have admired everything he did, and now? Don’t belittle his efforts and achievements. How difficult is it to praise your man once in a while?

A relationship between a man and a woman is a complex notion, and there are no definite guidelines. But it is within our power to make sure trifles don’t destroy our feelings!

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