Best Explanation Why Moms, Unlike Dads, Can Never Just Take A Nap

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December 4, 2018 23:21 By Fabiosa

Being a mother is exhausting. If it was only physical fatigue, a good 10-hour sleep could fix it, but there is also the mental load, which doesn’t go away that easily.

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On her Facebook page, Meredith Ethington shared a photo of her husband sleeping peacefully on the living room couch. Below, she wrote issues she has to resolve before she can try to fall asleep. As it turned out, thousands of women can relate to this.

At the end of her post, Meredith assumed what might be her husband’s thought process:

I'm going to lay down here and take a nap real quick. 

Best Explanation Why Moms, Unlike Dads, Can Never Just Take A NapKieferPix /

Men can just turn their brains off, how great is that? But a woman’s brain is overwhelmed with thoughts, worries, and plans. This is why many women keep a notebook by the bedside so that they can write down their thoughts and plans on paper in the hope they can catch some shuteye afterward.

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Women can’t simply take an afternoon nap because their heads are going to explode with all the worries, plans, and responsibilities. It doesn’t mean that all men don’t care; they do feel responsible for their family. What Meredith wanted to show was how a woman feels. It is really difficult for us to relax. We feel guilty if we just lie down to rest, because the laundry basket is full, the dishes need washing after lunch, and it's already time to cook something for dinner and get some products for breakfast. We are terrified of forgetting something important.

That is the reason why women need maternity leave. Who will remember that the milk is running out in the refrigerator, and there is a parent-teacher meeting on Wednesday?

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