Couple Tries To Save The Life Of Seriously Ill Daughter, But Some Internet Users Condemn Their Decision

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January 10, 2019 15:31 By Fabiosa

When we think of babies, many of us imagine cute little ones, irresistibly smiling and babbling. We want them to be healthy and happy, but some are not as lucky. Unfortunately, people often don’t accept the fact that children can be born with defects, including very rare ones that affect their appearance and even quality of life.

Naffi and Racheli Goldman were preparing to become parents to a beautiful and long-awaited girl, Batya. At first, the pregnancy was going fine, but later an examination found that the baby suffered from severe genetic abnormalities that were incompatible with lasting life. Doctors even doubted that the child would be born alive.

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The Goldmans refused to terminate the pregnancy, considering it murder. They decided to give the girl a chance but began to prepare for the worst. You may remember similar stories, such as the one in which against doctors’ pessimistic prognosis the couple decided to keep Bubble-Boy David Vetter, and the other, in which upon discovering she was pregnant with twins who both had Down syndrome, a mother nearly put them up for adoption. Batya was born with spina bifida, and she was also diagnosed with Pfeiffer and Antley Bixler syndromes. Due to this rare combination, the bones of the baby are deformed, including those of the face and head. Batya is deaf, blind, and also unable to breathe on her own, but for her parents, she is still the best child in the whole world.

Racheli and Naffi quit work, as the seriously ill girl demanded constant care and kept fighting for her life. At first, the couple coped on their own but eventually turned to those who were not indifferent, asking for help in order to keep the child alive for as long as possible. The Goldmans started a blog dedicated to Batya and set up a help group on Facebook.

There were many people who supported the family with kind words, but as it turned out the response wasn’t unanimous. Some users accused the couple of selfishness and abusing the ill child.

So let me get this straight... the doctors recommended an abortion, and you decided not to spare your child the suffering, and now you expect others to fund this selfishness?
You know why there are only 35 cases of this disease? Because non-selfish people don't do things like that!

You are selfish parents and now the child will suffer all life because of your stupid decision. There's no point in arguing with medicine.

What you did is considered child abuse and now you’re asking the public to support you so that you can continue abusing your baby?

Still, most of the comments were the ones of support and respect for the parents and their struggle. Facebook users called her a little miracle, beauty, and angel, as they believe Batya was born different for a reason.

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At the beginning of 2019, the little one celebrated her first birthday. Despite the pessimistic prognosis, she is her parents’ pride and joy, although this year wasn't easy for all three of them.

The Goldmans probably had many reasons to go through with the pregnancy so they didn’t abandon their seriously ill daughter. Meanwhile, we often hear stories of mothers who abandon even perfectly healthy children, not to mention babies with developmental defects. Who’s worse off: Batya, who is loved and supported even in spite of her serious illnesses, or those who were rejected by the closest people in the world? What do you think?

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