“I Will Be Watching Over You”: Terminally Ill Woman Wrote Letters To Her 1-Year-Old Daughter

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February 5, 2019 16:12 By Fabiosa

A child needs the mother at any age. Especially at some important moments in life, for example, when starting school or falling in love for the first time. Sophie George, 27, thought about this when she started writing letters to her one-year-old daughter.

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The reason behind this was that she was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor. It was discovered after Sophie had been suffering from a severe headache for several weeks that would not let go day or night. She underwent surgery to partially remove the tumor, as well as chemotherapy sessions. According to the doctors, she had 18 months left to live.

After learning the terrible news, Sophie's first thought was about her daughter Marcie. What got her down the most was that her daughter wouldn’t have her mom around at the most important moments of her life.

Then she decided to write letters for Marcie to read when she goes to school, gets married, gives birth... She also prepared postcards for her every birthday. Her letters are filled with boundless maternal love and tenderness!

Today is your first day of big school and even though mummy isn’t there to hold your hand or kiss you goodbye as you go in to your class, I will be watching over you and keeping you safe.

There is a tissue in your school bag that daddy has sprayed with Mummy’s smell so if you get scared just give it a smell to remind you of mummy and that everything will be okay.

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Sophie is sure that these letters will support her daughter in the key moments of life.

Sophie’s relationship with Marcie’s father, Jay Godfrey, were also affected by the ill-fated diagnosis. They met on Facebook four years ago. Everything went fine. They planned to make their status official, but always put it off. However, the diagnosis hurried them and they arranged a dream wedding. Sophie is sure that Jay will always take care of Marcie.

Fortunately, Sophie survived the ordeal and is now alive and happy with her husband and daughter. Let's hope that Marcie will never need the letters her mom wrote to her and Sophie will always be with her daughter.

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