Mom Of Triplets Was Offered A Tummy Tuck But Refused. Thousands Of Women Supported Her

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December 5, 2018 16:51 By Fabiosa

To carry a pregnancy to term and deliver a child is the biggest happiness for each woman. But after giving birth, some moms are unsatisfied with their body because of postpartum marks, scars, and saggy breasts. Unfortunately, physical exercises don’t always bring observable effect.

At this stage, it’s very important to accept one's new body and realize that it is a natural process. Start to love it, focus on advantages, be a part of society, and embrace the beauty of motherhood!

A great example of such an attitude is demonstrated in Desiree Fortin, a mom of triplets from San Diego.

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She keeps a blog on Instagram and shares pictures of her family and how she and her husband manage with children. Moreover, she supports women in prepartum and postpartum stages.

Several months ago, one popular American show offered Desiree to have a tummy tuck done as she was ‘the perfect candidate.’

The woman kindly turned down the offer, because it was a difficult journey from carrying and giving birth to children to accepting her changed body. It was her changed perception of her own body that helped her deal with the negative attitude. That’s why she helps other women with pleasure.

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Desiree’s anthem to women’s body and her refusal of plastic surgery is supported by thousands of followers:

It’s so great that a mom like you speaks out for and to other moms! Yes, we have to accept our “new beautiful”

My body love is a daily work in progress. Thank you for your beautiful words and encouragements.

Pregnancy is a step in life. Why erase its memory with a tummy tuck. I have no desire to go back to my body of yeasteryear. I like who I am now.

Fortunately, there are lots of examples where women accept their extra pounds and non-perfect body after pregnancy. For example, mom-of-two Allison Kimmey shares her photos on Instagram and inspires women to love their bodies no matter what size.

Did Desiree do the right thing by refusing the free plastic surgery? Please, share your thoughts.

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