15 Important Things Men Are Too Afraid To Say To Women

Date November 7, 2018

For some reason, most ladies believe that all men are straightforward and say everything they think.


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It often upsets us as women, because we know that some things are better left unsaid. But as it turns out, men can also keep things to themselves. There are things they would very much like to share with us, but won’t for fear of being misunderstood.

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What men usually hide from women

1. “I completely don’t understand women. Some things they do seem really schizo to me.”

2. “Even if I fall in love with an ugly woman, I will most likely love her from a distance.”

3. “Sometimes I cry, but no one will ever see it.”


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4. “I really want a serious relationship for life, but I am afraid of making the wrong choice.”

5. “I will never tell it to anyone, but I value and respect women who don’t rush into my bed on the first date more highly than those who do.”

6. “I want to hear compliments, even the most cliché ones.”

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7. “I’m not always confident when it comes to the bedroom. And yes, I need praise there.”

8. “When I’m sure that I want to build a family with a woman, I will say it. If I don’t say it, then I’m in doubt.”

9. “Like everyone else, I want love. I want to feel necessary and significant to my woman.”

10. “I fear women’s tears like the plague. I feel completely at a loss when I see a crying lady; I don’t know what to do.”


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11. “I feel intimidated when I see that a woman is stronger and better than me. I want to be the best for her.”

12. “It’s much easier when a woman takes the first step. At least then it shows that she’s interested in me. Then I can take over the initiative.“

13. “I can argue about how a real man should behave for hours, but I know that at the crucial moment I will do exactly as my traditional upbringing tells me.”

14. “I envy women for having emotional support from their girlfriends.”

15. “I don’t know what to do to make a woman happy. Please, let her say what she wants!”

Truth be told, men and women are from different planets. But it is not that difficult for us to find a common language. The main thing is not to keep everything to oneself, not be ashamed of feelings and desires, and finally understand that the fact that we are different is more of a pro than a con. Then there will be many more happy couples and strong marriages!

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