Laudable Loyalty: Clueless Neighbors Condemned The ‘Lazy’ Husband For Not Helping His Wife Mow The Lawn

Date November 6, 2018 14:33

People who drive through this quiet district of Lincoln County, Missouri, could notice an unusual sight: a woman mowing the lawn with her husband walking beside her. Amongst themselves, they probably condemned this man. He must be so lazy and self-centered to make his wife work in the yard, without even trying to help her!

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But these people don’t know the whole story. Adam Bosler took a photo of this couple and posted it on his Facebook page. In the caption to the photo, he wrote a story that melted the hearts of thousands of users.

Ryan and Jessica Armistead are friends of Adam’s. From this photo, you wouldn’t have been able to guess that Ryan is seriously ill. Currently, he is waiting for a kidney transplant, which he so desperately needs. And in the meantime, he is forced to undergo dialysis three times a week.

Most people wouldn’t blame Ryan for wanting to have some rest, but according to Adam, being a policeman and an active member of society, he makes it a point to remain a real man no matter what.

That day, the husband went outside to mow the lawn. He was very weak but was determined to get the job done. When Jessica noticed that he was not feeling well, she rushed to help him.

Even then Ryan wouldn’t give up easily. Despite giving his wife a lawnmower, he insisted on walking alongside Jessica while she was mowing.

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I think every husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend could really learn from this. No matter what, they're side by side, helping one another and never leaving the other one behind. If there's anything I can learn from these good friends, it's the loyalty they put forth together.

The love and dedication the Armisteads have for each other touched the hearts of thousands of people. Many asked Adam if they could somehow help this sweet family. Then he decided to create a YouCaring page to raise money for a new lawnmower for the couple.

Adam noted:

THIS IS NOT A REQUEST from the Armisteads. They're actually sleeping at the moment and have no clue. I'll deal with them tomorrow. This is a very hard working family and simply a request from people wanting an opportunity to do something nice for such an amazing family.

And they certainly deserve it! And we, in turn, wish Ryan good health and speedy kidney transplant surgery.

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