"Miracle Baby" Born 13 Weeks Premature Survived And Finally Gets To Go Home

Date October 31, 2018 09:20

Children with low body weight are not born as seldom as it may seem. Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is a condition can be caused by various complications during pregnancy, developmental pathologies, mother’s diseases, or an unhealthy lifestyle. Hannah Bella Rodriguez, dubbed the 'miracle baby,' became one of the smallest newborns on Long Island – she was born on the 26th week and weighed only 1 pound and 4 ounces. She stopped growing in the womb at the gestational age of only 22 weeks. Hannah spent more than 3 months in the hospital, and most recently her mother Jennifer took her home – she survived!

"Miracle Baby" Born 13 Weeks Premature Survived And Finally Gets To Go Home Eyewitness News ABC7NY / YouTube

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Why do babies suddenly stop growing during pregnancy?

In most cases, IUGR is caused by the insufficient development of the placenta, through which babies get oxygen, nutrients, and vitamins, as well as get rid of their metabolic products.

The main symptom is an estimated weight below the 10th percentile for the given gestational age, which can be determined at routine check-ups by the supervising physician. Infants suffering from IUGR are born small, thin, their skin is a little loose and pale. The umbilical cord connecting them with the mother’s organism is thin, not sufficiently flexible and elastic. Keep in mind, however, that not all babies with a low body mass at birth suffer from this condition.

IUGR can cause serious complications, including:

  • abnormally high red blood cell count;
  • hypoglycemia (low blood sugar);
  • low birth baby weight;
  • dysfunctions of the respiratory system as a result of its underdevelopment;
  • insufficient development of the immune system, susceptibility to infectious diseases;
  • low Apgar scores (a test given immediately after birth that allows to determine if the baby needs special medical care);
  • insufficient amount of oxygen during fetal development;
  • trouble maintaining body temperature.

"Miracle Baby" Born 13 Weeks Premature Survived And Finally Gets To Go Home Eyewitness News ABC7NY / YouTube

In the worst case, IUGR can lead to stillbirth.

It can be caused by some problems related to the mother’s health and lifestyle:

  • anemia;
  • diseases of the kidneys and lungs;
  • bad habits - smoking, alcohol and drug use;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes;
  • infectious diseases during pregnancy (rubella, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, etc.);
  • a multiple pregnancy and chromosomal defects in the baby;
  • poor or insufficient nutrition;
  • heart failure.

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Hannah was due on October 5, but had to be delivered through a Cesarean section on July 11, 13 weeks earlier. Before Hannah was born, her mother, Jennifer, spent about a month in the hospital because of complications in the development of the fetus.

"Miracle Baby" Born 13 Weeks Premature Survived And Finally Gets To Go Home Eyewitness News ABC7NY / YouTube

Women who are at risk include those who:

  • are under the age of 17 and over 35;
  • have previously given birth to a child or children with low body mass;
  • are pregnant for the first time, as well as the fifth time or more.

How to prevent intrauterine growth restriction of a baby?

The main recommendation to minimize the risk of developing this condition is to regularly visit the supervising doctor. If detected early, there is a chance the pathology can be stopped.

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In addition, it is recommended that pregnant mothers:

  • be moderately physically active;
  • avoid exposure to radiation and chemicals;
  • minimize stress levels;
  • limit caffeine intake;
  • quit bad habits;
  • adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition;
  • observe the correct sleep-wake schedule (7 to 9 hours of sleep).

"Miracle Baby" Born 13 Weeks Premature Survived And Finally Gets To Go Home Eyewitness News ABC7NY / YouTube

Thanks to the meticulous care of the doctors, Hannah and Jennifer went home. In a little more than 3 months, the baby gained quite a healthy body mass of 5 pounds and 5 ounces. All this time, her mother was alongside her, who didn’t stop hoping that her daughter would survive. Although IUGR is a very serious condition, it is not a death sentence. Do you know other real stories about strong little girls like Hannah? Share them with us, please!

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