Mom Is Going To Allow Her 6-Year-Old Daughter To Remove Leg Hair. Isn’t It Too Early?

Date November 7, 2018

Many of our complexes originate from childhood. Kids are often conscious of being different from their peers. Often, kids bring these issues into adulthood. The parents’ task is to deal with everything that concerns their child to prevent problems in the future.

The mother of one 6-year-old girl worries about her daughter who has hair on her legs and the lower back. She asked for advice on Mumsnet whether she should allow her daughter to remove it or not.

The woman shared photos of her daughter's hairy legs with the forum users.

Mom Is Going To Allow Her 6-Year-Old Daughter To Remove Leg Hair. Isn’t It Too Early?TellerTuesday4EVA /

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The woman admitted that she has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and even though she has never had dark body hair, her daughter’s problem is likely hormonal.

Why am I different from others?

In the summer, the girl noticed that her classmates had no hair on their legs. Mom explained to her that all bodies are different. The sun lightened the hair a bit, and the little girl calmed down for a while.

Mom Is Going To Allow Her 6-Year-Old Daughter To Remove Leg Hair. Isn’t It Too Early?Мама 6-летней девочки собирается разрешить ей удалять волосы на ногах. Не рановато ли?Jaren Jai Wicklund /

When the girl went to school, she brought up this subject again, even though the mother claimed that the classmates hadn’t noticed it and nobody was picking on her. When it got cold, she began to wear tights and pants, so again she calmed down a little.

However, the girl refuses to go swimming, because it looks even more pronounced when her leg hair gets wet. She is very self-conscious about it!

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The mother is leaning towards allowing her to remove the leg hair and is looking for advice from users of the forum.

Despite the child’s very young age, internet users supported the decision of the topic starter.

I think you’re a great mum supporting her with this. 

I wasn’t allowed to shave until I was 10 and on swim team and it was getting ridiculous, but I wish my mom would have let me shave much earlier. 

Some noted that the real reason for concern is a possible health issue.

Another vote for take her to the doctors. Most girls her age don't have hairy legs and you have PCOS, so worth checking out if there's anything going on medically that you need to keep an eye on.

How to deal with your child’s self-esteem issues

Regardless of whether you would allow your child to remove the hair or not, you need to talk to her about the problem. Children who aren’t comfortable in their own skin may withdraw into themselves, avoid connecting with peers, and sometimes even distance themselves from their parents. You must teach your child to love themselves and appreciate their own uniqueness. Beware, however, of another extreme – overpraising, which leads to arrogance.

Also, you need to start with yourself. Become more attentive and respectful to your children; listen to their opinion. And most importantly – criticize less.