Touching Video Mom Recorded For Her Baby Son Hours Before His Adoption Moved Millions!

Date November 12, 2018

Sometimes life forces us to make very difficult decisions for the better. Even though we understand that it needs to be done, it may still tear our soul apart. This was the case with Hannah Mongie – she agonizingly decided to give her newborn son to adoptive parents 48 hours after his birth.

Hannah was only 18 years old, and her boyfriend Kaden was 20 when they started dating. When the girl fell pregnant, it came as a shock, because the young couple did not have an education, jobs, or their own place. Then they made a difficult decision: to give birth to the baby and sign it away for adoption for their child to be raised in good conditions and love.

But this was not the only test for the couple. Pregnant Hannah had to endure the death of her beloved — Kaden passed away in his sleep. Life had no other meaning for her than the baby who was about to be born. The support of the relatives helped her recover from the terrible loss and give birth to the baby.

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Holding the baby in her arms was the happiest time in Hannah's life. But it lasted for only 48 hours, after which she handed over the child to Brad and Emily Marsh, the adoptive parents she carefully chose. It is at this emotional time when she recorded a farewell video where she told the whole story to her son and explained why she had to take such a step.

I really, really love you so much. I made this decision completely out of love. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t have been in this position at all. And you wouldn’t have this awesome family. I’m going to give you all the kisses I can before I sign you away to Brad and Emily.

Fortunately for Hannah, it was an open adoption; that is, the biological mother can meet with her biological son and visit him at his new home.

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Hannah often visits the Marshes and plays with little Taggart, who is already now two years old. There are two more adopted boys in the family.

The video recorded by Hannah was posted on a social project’s page and went instantly viral!

The young woman was surprised by this massive response and, at the same time, hopes that her story would help someone choose open adoption over other alternatives.

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