Some People Can't Be Faithful. Why? Here Is What Scientists Think About It

Date August 29, 2018 16:15

In your opinion, is it possible to figure out a potential cheater? If you think that this must be a cold and calculating person, then you are wrong!

According to a psychological study, it is a completely different type of people that cheat more often!

Cheaters, who are they?

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Scientists of the University of Queensland have reached the conclusion that active and impulsive people are more likely to engage in infidelity. They can hotheadedly cheat on their partner, as they are strongly dependent on their emotions and often act on a whim.

The risk group also includes those who have had higher number of sexual relationships in the past. As a rule, they are genetically prone to infidelity.

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The main reasons of infidelity

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The same study showed that most often men and women cheat because of the sense of detachment from the partner and low satisfaction with the relationship in general.

On the other hand, it turned out that the better the sex in a relationship, the higher the risk of infidelity. How about that! The authors of the study link this finding to a positive attitude towards sex in general.

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What doesn’t affect the chances of infidelity is the length of a relationship. That is, even if you’ve just started dating, your partner is no less likely to cheat on you! Unless your partner is a 40-year-old virgin and as cool as a cucumber.

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This, of course, is a joke, but the fact remains: some people are already born with a disposition toward infidelity. Therefore, their partners can either leave or accept it.

How to figure out a cheater?

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The study also revealed that after an accidental adultery (not an “affair to remember”), most men want to have sex with their regular partner, and women tend to smother their partners with caresses and kisses. So, take a closer look at your sweetheart after another “had to stay late at the office”!

And what do you think, can a cheater be changed? Share your opinion in the comments!

Source: Independent, Wiley Online Library

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