5 Things A Real Man Won’t Ever Admit To His Sweetheart

Date September 21, 2018

They say women are from Venus, while men are from Mars. Our brains work in different ways and we don't always see eye to eye. As a result, there may be misunderstandings that lead to serious disagreements.

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Today we decided to find out the secrets men keep from their woman.

1. “We don’t leave women we love. Even those, whom we don’t love anymore, we can’t immediately leave”


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It's rarely a man's decision to leave his beloved women. Men don't jump to conclusions and make hasty decisions even if the romance is dead. They will do everything possible to revive the relationship.

2. “We are afraid sometimes, too”

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Surprise, surprise! Men have fears, too. Men are often afraid of rejection. When dating, men can feel insecure. They are afraid to let their loved ones down. It's perfectly normal to have fear. But men are unlikely to open up.

3. “We also like to be praised... at least once in a while“

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It's not only women who love validation. Guys also love compliments. Of course, they'll never admit it. But just try it out sometime, and you might be shocked at his reaction.

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4. “We are not perfect either, but we are afraid to admit it”

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Women have less confidence than men but are honest about it. Men hate admitting they're not perfect. Outside, he might shine with confidence. But inside, you never know.

5. “Yes, sometimes we like to exaggerate our victories”

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Rarely do men downplay their victories. They tend to exaggerate. We often hear about model-like exs or executive career positions. No man is shy about bragging!

Have you noticed that men don’t tell us much? Share your observations in the comments!

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