London Teacher Was Banned From Teaching For Marrying A 13-Year-Old Girl

London Teacher Was Banned From Teaching For Marrying A 13-Year-Old Girl

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October 15, 2018 13:42 By Fabiosa

While adults nostalgically remember carefree childhood years, adolescents want to grow up faster and strive for independence. In some cases, it is more mature people who encourage or even push them towards this, violating their rights. A few years ago a huge scandal broke out in a London school: a physics teacher was accused of having married a 13-year-old girl. What caused her to do this and how would you react if your daughter was determined to start a family as a teenager?

In 2006, physics teacher Joshim Nur went to Bangladesh for his own wedding. He met the bride only 3 days before the celebration, and he was sure that she was already of legal age. After moving to London, the couple visited the family planning center and made arrangements to ensure that they did not have children yet. They were a most ordinary couple until, in 2013, the young wife contacted the police with a statement that their marriage could not be considered legal.

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For 34-year-old Nur things could have been worse: he was banned from teaching for an indefinite period of time. What happened to the girl is not known for certain, but what is much more interesting is what compelled her to break the relationship after many years.

Early marriages have become less frequent, but they still take place in the countries of Asia and Africa, as well as in Europe and USA. According to statistics, about 650 million modern women have been married before reaching the age of 18. In the United States alone more than 200,000 marriages with minors have been registered from 2002 to 2017.

Among the most common reasons for such marriages are

  • teenage pregnancy;
  • traditions and practices of an agreement between families;
  • poverty.

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In Joshim Nur’s case, as far as one can judge from the publicly available data, there was an agreement, because allegedly the teacher was pressured by her relatives even during the investigation. Nevertheless, young girls all over the world often seek to create families with more mature men themselves due to inexperience, falling in love, and failure to understand the consequences of early marriage.

Which are:

  • limited opportunities in getting a decent education and further career development;
  • a high mortality rate due to the unpreparedness of the adolescent body for pregnancy and childbirth;
  • violence and exploitation disguised as family life;
  • lack of full medical care;
  • an increased risk of STDs.

Having lived with Joshim Nur for 7 years, his spouse decided to finally expose the wrongful marriage. If everything was great, why would she go to the police to be examined and to confirm her true age? Maybe she found a new purpose, with which her husband did not agree, fell in love with somebody else, was subjected to violence or realized that she had lost her childhood? And how do you feel about this early marriage?

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