Scientists Named The Best Age For Becoming A Mother In Order To Live Longer

Date September 19, 2018

Recently, scientists have put forward a theory that women who give birth at their 30's might live longer.

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Scientists of Portugal’s Coimbra University studied two groups of mothers: those who gave birth in their 20's or earlier, and those who gave birth later in life. And their life expectancies were compared.

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In particular, age, at which women gave birth to the firstborn, was studied. The most relevant results show that the later women give birth to the first child, the longer they tend to live.

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In addition, journal Menopause published the results of another study, which showed that mothers who gave birth after 33 years have certain DNA markers, responsible for longevity. There are no such markers in the DNAs of young mothers.

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So far, no research has explained why mothers who give birth later live longer. But scientists don’t stop at their results.

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Lord Winston, a fertility expert, attributes longevity of the older mothers to the fact that they tend to be more educated and well-off, comparing to the younger mothers. Hence, they can afford healthier lifestyles.

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