When Should You Stop Letting Your Kids See You Naked?

Date October 11, 2018

If you are a parent, you probably have been naked in front of your children at least once. Sometimes such situations happen completely unexpectedly! Any mom or dad knows that as soon as you become a parent you can forget about privacy. It is almost impossible to hide from curious children's eyes!

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Recently, a curious mother asked an interesting question on a parent forum that has sparked a heated debate on the Internet. She asked:

When should you stop letting your kid(s) see you naked?

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She added a comment to her question:

Our seven-year-old son usually walks naked after an evening bath until bed time. There is another reason why I still change in front of him: I want him to know what a real woman looks like. I have stretch marks, a bit of cellulite, and it wouldn’t hurt me to lose a couple of pounds. Besides, I breastfeed his little sister, so he constantly sees my breasts. But I am very interested in how this is treated in other families!

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Naturally, such an interesting question could not remain unanswered. Some forum visitors responded with humor. A young mother wrote:

I usually walk around the house in panties, so before I manage to fix pants on my six-year-old son, he asks: ‘Mom, why don't you put on some pants yourself?’

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Another mom shared her story:

My mother has always changed in the presence of her three children. She can do it even now, when we are already adults. I guess, that's why it’s also all right with me.

But not all users subscribe to this idea. Here is a comment with a different opinion:

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Before entering my children’s room, I always ask whether they are dressed. I stopped letting them see me naked when they reached the age of four. Although I am part of my family, I like to have some privacy. So I prefer to dress without an audience.

Still, the vast majority of the forum users found it absolutely normal for parents to change their clothes in front of the children. Here is what an anonymous mom wrote:

I will stop changing in front of my son when it starts embarrassing him.

Many forum participants believe that all family members should be comfortable with it. Here is one of these statements:

When I'm at home, I dress the way I want. My son and brother, who lives with us, feel the same. We can feel comfortable when we are fully clothed, when we are wearing only underwear, or even when we are completely naked! As long as we are all comfortable, anything else doesn't matter.

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After a heated debate most parents seemed to have agreed with a user, who wrote the following:

You should stop doing this as soon as it becomes awkward for any member of your family. The attitude to nudity in your home is only about how you feel!

What do you think? At what age should you stop walking naked in front of your children?

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