5 Things Men Would Like To Ask The Women For (But Don’t Always Dare)

Date August 17, 2018 18:50

Many women expect their chosen ones to understand them without words. However, emotional intelligence is not men’s strongest suit. Even if your sweetheart has learned to take hints, he is not always able to deal with them.

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Men are not always ready to open up to their partner for fear of hurting her feelings or being misunderstood. However, there are things they would like to ask us to do or stop doing. It won’t hurt to hear these requests out, but it will strengthen your relationship.

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So, we present to your attention 5 requests men have for the women (but generally hesitate to make).

1. Criticize less

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No one likes to be criticized, and men are no exception. They can take it very hard. Besides, men can see a reproach even in a most innocuous remark. If your sweetheart didn’t do something precisely the way you wanted – talk about it. But start the conversation by emphasizing his strengths.

2. Stop parenting

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Some men think that women perceive them as projects they want to cultivate for themselves. Men despise being pressured. It’s essential for them to feel manly and to remain themselves.

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3. Don’t speak with riddles and vague hints

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Men are no more psychic than women, despite many women’s strong belief that their chosen ones should know what they mean by an intonation or a glance. Even if bringing up an issue can start a fight, it is better to say it out loud, rather than wait for your partner to guess why you are upset with him. The problem won’t solve itself.

4. Don’t distract with phone calls at work

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If it is easy for women to switch between processes and multitask, men find it more challenging. Being distracted by phone calls costs men more energy and effort than you think. Not to compromise your special one’s working performance, try to call him up at work only in cases of emergency.

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5. Allow some “me” time

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When it comes to making decisions and discussing pressing problems, men can be even more talkative than their partners. However, after a hard working day, it is difficult for them to remain sociable, even with their beloved, and talk about household issues. If you see that your chosen one is exhausted and has to make an effort to communicate, let him be in silence.

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The partners’ ability to listen to each other is essential for a happy and balanced relationship. Women might also have a few requests for their partners, which they had previously hesitated to express.

Do you have any requests for your men? Let us know in the comments!

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