6 Men’s Secret Fears Any Woman Should Know About

Date September 19, 2018

Many of us find it hard to believe that behind the muscles and machoness of men there can be fears, doubts, and emotional torments. However, men also have feelings and weaknesses, some of which are imposed by society and stereotypes.

As a rule, both sexes share the same psychological fears, but there are specific ones that only men face. Today, we will tell you about the most common of them.

6 men’s secret fears every woman should know

1. Not matching the expectations

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Since childhood, boys are told that a real man should be able to do everything and be the best at it. That’s why grown men often worry if they can fix a kitchen faucet or if the boss is pleased with their performance. Help your chosen one to get over this fear by trying to convey to him an idea that each of us has the right to make mistakes and nobody’s perfect.

2. Not earning enough

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Money is one of the main reasons why men worry. An important role in the formation of this fear also takes roots in childhood. Boys are brought up to be the breadwinners of their family. Because of this, many men believe that money is the most important thing in a relationship. However, in fact, for most women, it is attention and care.

3. Losing to competition

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When casually mentioning her hilarious colleague, a lady may not always notice her man tense up. Gentlemen always compare themselves with potential competitors. In this case, it is important to let your special one know that there is no threat and there is nothing to fear.

4. Failing to understand what a woman wants

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Men appreciate clarity, they can’t stand vague hints and meaningful glances. Then they are completely at a loss. So if you want to communicate something to your partner, tell him directly about it.

5. Growing old

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Many men pathologically fear to be rejected and become a burden to their relatives. Over time, this fear can even develop into a mental illness. Warm relationships with relatives, support and a loving atmosphere at home will help cope with this fear.

6. To appear ridiculous

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There is a prevailing opinion that a real man is always composed and serious. Remember the action movies’ protagonists, who seem to not know how to laugh at all. To help your chosen one accept his true self, share funny stories with each other, kid around and watch comedies together sometimes.

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If you account for these fears, your relationship with a man will be stronger and more balanced!

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