7 Traits Of A Mother's Boy. Should You Try To Change Him Or Run?

Date October 1, 2018

Any wife wants to be the only woman for her husband, and every bride believes her groom at the altar when he vows to love only her. But some ladies get a big surprise later when it turns out that the main woman in his life is still his mom! He often says that his mom’s cooking is more delicious, she cleans more thoroughly, and all attention goes to her. Sounds familiar?

We have prepared 7 signs of a “mama's boy” for those who still have doubts. /

1. Quotes his mom

A mother’s word is the truth: “My momma always said…”, “Mom wouldn’t like it...”


2. Compares you to her

If a man constantly repeats “My mom cooks better”, “Mom used to cut the crust off for me" and the like, then you’ve got yourself a mother’s boy.

3. He always calls her

If he needs to consult about something, he immediately calls his mom. Naturally, he has her on speed dial.

4. Takes her side

When the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law have differences, such a man is likely to side with his mother. She has the authority since childhood, and as for you - he knows your relationship can be only temporary.

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5. She buys his underwear

Well, this one is just weird. Underwear is so intimate that it should be bought by adults themselves. If your mother-in-law buys underwear for your chosen one, there is a good reason to think.

6. She is always the top priority

There are different situations. But, if a man ditches your plans every time his mother needs “help,” it may very well be that your chosen one is a mama's boy.

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7. He doesn’t take responsibility

When it is time to make an important decision, he can’t do it. A mother’s boy is used to getting things done and problems solved for him.

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How to build a relationship with a mother’s boy?

If you become another mother for your husband, perhaps you will succeed. Just try not to live with his mom under one roof.

Try and change him? Or dump him?

Those who want to change their sweetheart are unlikely to succeed. A person can change only if they have a desire to do so. But not every man can admit that he is excessively attached to his mother.

If you really are in love with this person, then your struggle is likely to last for more than a year or two. Are you ready for this? If the answer is “no,” then leave the little boy and may he find what he is looking for.

Anyway, we wish you patience and understanding. Whatever choice you make, it will be right for you. Do you think you can change him or there is no point trying?

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