Clueless People Admire This Girl’s Big Eyes, But The Reason Behind Them Makes Her Mother Cry

Date September 19, 2018

The girl in the picture is Mehlani. She is almost 2 years old and lives with her mother Karina Martinez in Minnesota, USA. The baby has a most peculiar feature - her big, beautiful eyes. Strangers are always complimenting Mehlani. But her mother knows the true reason. In fact, her child has a rare genetic syndrome.

Karina says that she has never heard of such a disease until it happened to them.

Mehlani suffers from Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome — a rare condition that affects the development of the eyes. It is commonly followed by the development of glaucoma and loss of vision at a young age. The chances of having this condition are 1 per 20,000. There is no cure. Now medicine can only stop the progression of glaucoma.

Mehlani already has glaucoma, but her eyesight is okay now. The girl's mom says that she should wear special sunglasses because glaucoma can make eyes sensitive to light.

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Aside from the medical aspect of the problem, the girl's family is worried how their little girl will be treated by the society. In most cases, the mother doesn’t respond to strangers who express their admiration for her daughter’s marvelous-looking eyes. But she fears the time when the girl goes to school:

Maybe kids will call her mean names. There are kids that she’s played with who’ve mentioned, 'Oh my gosh, mom, her eyes are so big.'

The woman said that sometimes such compliments make her want to cry. She shared these thoughts on Twitter.

After this, Karina received numerous comments of support from strangers.

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There were mothers who faced similar problems with them. For example, a woman’s 3-months-old son had a similar operation.

Karina  answered:

He's a miracle, I'm here if you need to talk to someone.

Such support from people inspired Karina and didn’t let her despair.

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