How Not To Put On Weight After The Wedding: 6 Reasons Why We Gain In Marriage

Date October 16, 2018 12:02

Many women (as well as men) gain weight in marriage or long-term cohabitation. You may also be one of them.

What is the reason? Here is what scientists say.

Why do we gain weight in marriage?

Science claims that your permanent partner is indirectly to blame for your weight gain. The emotional shift that occurs with falling in love leads to a change in brain chemistry, which can affect weight.

When you first start dating, almost everything you do together is exciting. The novelty increases the release of the hormone, dopamine, which makes people more active and helps to maintain normal weight (or even leads to weight loss!)

But in a stable, long-term relationship, people feel more relaxed. This causes the production of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for a feeling of deep attachment.

Goodbye, gym and clubbing! Hello, favorite sofa!

Or maybe the food is to blame?

Other researchers have found that changing eating habits can be a major factor in weight gain when a couple gets married or moves in together. What a twist!

According to a study by the University of Glasgow, in the first year after the wedding, newlyweds on average put on between 4 and 5 pounds. And couples who move in together gain this weight in just 3 months!

How Not To Put On Weight After The Wedding: 6 Reasons Why We Gain In Marriage

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By the way, after parting or divorce, many people lose a few pounds. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you need to stay single (or, heaven forbid, get a divorce), but there are things to consider.

You need to know the most common reasons for weight gain in married people, and then prevent them from happening!

1. Taking after the husband: the wife starts eating more

Usually, men eat larger servings in comparison with women, and they eat faster. A woman subconsciously begins to take after her spouse – and eats more as a result! The reason for this is if you eat faster, it will take longer for you to feel full.

2. Your spouse "sabotages" your fight against excess weight

When one of the spouses begins to lose weight, the other one may perceive it as a threat to their relationship.

Here are their thoughts:

  1. What happens if my wife (husband) becomes more popular with the opposite sex?
  2. What if he (she) will find my fat body unattractive?
  3. Or maybe he (she) is losing weight deliberately to attract someone’s attention?

Finding no answers to these troubling questions, the partner begins to subconsciously sabotage your attempts to lose weight.

Here are some examples of how it is done:

  1. Your spouse gives you some urgent and very important tasks at the very time you are planning to go to the gym.
  2. Your spouse cooks a particularly tasty and high-calorie dinner.
  3. Your partner unexpectedly arranges an unplanned romantic evening with a lot of various treats, “forgetting” that you are on a diet.

There are so many tricks like this!

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3. The way to a man's heart...

A loving wife tries to please her husband. And since the way to many a man’s heart is through his stomach, some married women begin to cook loads of delicious dishes that gradually build up fat around the waist.

4. In an unhappy marriage, food saves from disappointment

How Not To Put On Weight After The Wedding: 6 Reasons Why We Gain In Marriage

Many people, especially women, eat more when they are depressed, anxious or sad. And particularly when they start thinking that their partner has lost sexual interest in them. Instead of trying to get in shape or discuss their emotional problems with their spouses, many find comfort in eating.

Naturally, this leads to weight gain, which makes the wife/husband even less attractive for their partner, which, in turn, causes them to eat even more. And the vicious circle is complete.

5. In marriage, no food goes to waste!

People in a family don’t like to throw food away. Family people value the effort and don’t let dinner leftovers go to waste. This usually leads to overeating and, consequently, to weight gain.

6. Confidence and comfort make people fat!

When entering into a marriage, spouses (at least subconsciously) believe that this is for life. Such confidence gradually makes us increasingly lazy when it comes to flirting, seduction and many other things.

Accordingly, people stop paying attention to how much they eat: for some reason we think that even if we gain weight in a marriage, our spouse is obliged to continue to love us. However, this is not always the case!

This woman’s words can perfectly exemplify this erroneous belief:

When I was single, as soon as my jeans started getting tight, I'd diet and exercise. Once I got married, I would just buy new jeans.

Be honest, are you doing the same?

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How to avoid it?

Weight gain in marriage creates many problems. Firstly, it reduces the self-esteem of a person who no longer looks as good as before. In addition, excess weight can cause stress or depression, negatively affect the quality of sex life, and lead to many other complications.

How Not To Put On Weight After The Wedding: 6 Reasons Why We Gain In Marriage

Here is what you need to do in order not to gain weight after the wedding.

1. Support each other

Involving your partner helps keep weight gain to a minimum. It is easier to keep your weight in check together than alone.

2. Eat slowly and enjoy your meal

Turn off the TV and set aside gadgets to spend time with your partner during breakfast or dinner. Chewing food thoroughly helps to timely know when you are full.

3. Do not forget to have breakfast!

Breakfast kick-starts the metabolism and helps control hunger throughout the day.

4. Do sports together with your partner

Physical activity improves heart condition by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Here is a great idea: take a walk with your partner after dinner!

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5. Don’t eat more

Men usually require more calories than women. Therefore, a wife shouldn’t try to match the size of the husband’s serving.

6. Encourage your partner

Let your spouse know that you are proud of him or her more often. Forget about criticism.

Exercising and a healthy diet will help you remain slim no matter what, even in marriage. If you need additional motivation, remember how attractive and energetic you both were on your first date. And then promise each other to be faithful companions in cultivating healthy habits!

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The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.