“Say Bye To Mommy!” Mom Had To Defend Her 2-Year-Old Daughter From Possible Abduction

Date October 17, 2018

Three strangers were closely watching a mother with her little daughter and then tried to abduct the baby in broad daylight. Fortunately, the woman stayed alert and fended them off. But the story could have been so different!

“Say Bye To Mommy!” Mom Had To Defend Her 2-Year-Old Daughter From Possible AbductionMama Belle and the kids /

True story

It took Amanda from Texas, USA, quite some time to collect herself after she almost lost her two-year-old daughter in a supermarket. Only her maternal instinct and vigilance prevented the irreparable from happening.

"Say bye to Mommy..."

Amanda and her daughter were standing in a check-out line, waiting for their turn to pay for their purchases. A couple ahead began staring at her child and kept asking about her age adding how cute the girl was. While approaching they inquired if they could hold her. The woman came so close that the baby’s already stretched out arms reached around her. Another moment - and she started to back away with Amanda’s daughter in her arms. She turned to the baby and said:

Say bye to mommy.

This phrase shocked Amanda so much, that she snatched her daughter out of the hands of the woman. Her determination allowed her to overpower the stranger and in another second her baby was with her again. The strange couple left the store immediately.

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Amanda also noticed a man standing nearby, who obviously had come there not to shop. He looked in the opposite direction, but she felt that he had been closely watching the whole time. She is convinced that he was together with that couple, because, as a rule, kidnappers work in groups. Then the woman loudly asked the cashier about the security staff at the store, and whether there was video surveillance.

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Amanda described her story on Facebook in order to draw parents’ attention to such cases and remind them to be vigilant in public places. Don’t let the babies step away from you, and teach them safety rules from early on.

How to protect children from being abducted

“Say Bye To Mommy!” Mom Had To Defend Her 2-Year-Old Daughter From Possible AbductionMariaNikiforova /

Only in the USA, about 2 thousand children are reported missing every day! Some of these cases could have been prevented if parents and teachers had been taught basic security measures, and the children had been more attentive to what is happening around.

We want to remind you these rules again.

“Say Bye To Mommy!” Mom Had To Defend Her 2-Year-Old Daughter From Possible Abductionepiximages /

What children need to know:

  • never approach strangers, even if they offer something tasty or interesting;
  • run away or scream, fight back and call for help if somebody tries to grab you or get you into a car;
  • always ask parents for permission to go somewhere, even if invited by friends;
  • always notify the parents if you are running late from school, training, or your friends’;
  • always tell parents or teachers if you are (have been) addressed or asked odd questions by strangers on the street.

“Say Bye To Mommy!” Mom Had To Defend Her 2-Year-Old Daughter From Possible AbductionAnn in the uk /

What parents should do:

  • teach even the youngest children their first name, last name, and address;
  • explain how to act if lost in a store or a shopping mall. Remind them that they shouldn't leave the place to go looking for you;
  • take a picture of your child every six months. If possible, take fingerprints;
  • limit the places where children can go. For example, school, shop, and playground;
  • never leave children in a stroller or in a car alone, even for a minute;
  • choose a babysitter carefully. You need to know exactly how they are going to pick up the child from kindergarten or school;
  • let the teachers and educators know whom they can trust with your children in case you are not coming to get them;
  • don’t dress a child in clothes with their names – it gives the kidnappers the opportunity to pretend that they know them;
  • come up with a code word that only the closest people will know;
  • if the child is left at home alone, make sure they know how to lock the door and know not to open to strangers, no matter what they say.

“Say Bye To Mommy!” Mom Had To Defend Her 2-Year-Old Daughter From Possible AbductionKumpol Chuansakul /

When talking to your child about security measures, do not be intimidating. Explain everything in a gentle and calm manner. It is better to have this conversation several times and return to it every once in a while. Take care of yourself and your children!

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