Pediatrician-Scientist Explained In Simple Terms Up To What Age Children Should Sleep With Parents

Date November 6, 2018

The topic of co-sleeping with children has traditionally raised many questions. Some parents claim that it helps them get closer to their child. Others do not find necessary to sleep together so that the baby cannot get used to it and will not be afraid to sleep alone. Still, others cannot bear the thought of co-sleeping, since they believe it can be dangerous. That's what pediatricians think about this.

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Pros and cons of co-sleeping

  1. Convenience and determination of a strong psychological connection. During co-sleeping, a mother is next to her baby, she can stroke and calm the child.
  2. Non-hygienic. Each person has his own microflora. And, when a baby is in a common bed, it may acquire an atypical microflora, which may be even dangerous.
  3. Not safe. When a person sleeps, he rolls over. Moms think they control the process. But sometimes when they get very tired, they can fall into a deep sleep, turn around, and as a result, a tragedy can happen.
  4. Lack of independence. The less the child is in the parents’ bed, the more independent it will be.

Up to what age children should sleep with their moms

If you still decide to sleep with a small child, you probably want to know when it's time to move the baby into his/her own bed.

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The pediatrician-scientist Dr. Nils Bergman claims that there is no need to relocate the child to his/her bed at an early age. He argues that children who press close against their mothers during sleep establish a closer relationship with her and have a good night’s rest. But the early separation can adversely affect the development of the baby's brain. As a result, this may affect the behavior of the child in the future.


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The researcher Dr. Bergman studied the behavior of 16 children. Only 6 of them slept quietly apart from their parents. For the rest of them, the sleep cycle was interrupted, and children's hearts experienced more stress. According to the doctor, this makes it difficult to build relationships in adulthood. Dr. Bergman made the following conclusion:

Children should sleep with their parents up to three years.

Do you agree with the researcher? When did your children start sleeping in their beds? Share your experience, it can be useful to someone!

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