Pure Gold Or Obnoxious? Horoscopes For Mothers-In-Law According To Their Zodiac Signs

Date October 26, 2018

"A car is like a mother-in-law - if you let it, it will rule your life." Have you ever thought that the character of your future mother-in-law depends on her zodiacal identity? Check it out!

An Aries mother-in-law

Such mothers-in-law give us the least trouble. They do not mess with her children’s personal lives. But sometimes, they suffer from paranoia and worry about whether her son-in-law is hurting her beloved girl. If she sees even the slightest signs of this, she'll become a frequent visitor at your house to check the situation and hold heart-to-heart talks. Therefore, it’s better to focus her energies in another direction! Try giving her a garden or send her to a driving school.

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A Taurus mother-in-law

Taurus mothers-in-law will choose a policy of maximum non-interference. And even despite their daughters' complaints, they will only shrug: you made your own choice. She will not fish for an invitation, but her house is always open to you. They can help financially if they see that the husband is failing to support his family. She will dress her daughter and bring her grandchildren to school. But she has nothing to offer to her failed son-in-law.

A Gemini mother-in-law

She is just the perfect woman when it comes to communication! Really another friend for her daughter and son-in-law. She will visit you and you will never feel bored with her. But she is so talkative that she can even drive you crazy. And she doesn't know how to keep secrets. These women make very charismatic and cheerful grandmothers: they will play video games, and randomly reveal their grandchildren's secrets to their parents.

A Cancer mother-in-law

Quiet, calm, and lovely mothers-in-law. They are able to put things in order at home and even come to dinner and cook for their son-in-law and grandchildren if their daughter does not have time because of work.

But God forbid you to offend her. She will be sulky for a very long time, and you may not understand the reason for her bad mood. She values traditions very much, so not coming to her for any family holiday is akin to betrayal. But she will not spin intrigues behind the back of her son-in-law, even if she doesn’t like something very much.

A Leo mother-in-law

To please such a mother-in-law, her son-in-law needs to give her attention. It does not have to be expensive gifts, but flowers and perfume are welcome. She will not interfere in the relationship or set up a daughter against her husband, unless that he goes down in flames. If necessary, she can take her son-in-law to work and be his perfect boss. If the marriage falls apart, she will argue that it was bound to happen.

A Virgo mother-in-law

God forbid you to live with such a mother-in-law under one roof! It is better to love her at a distance. But even then she should be aware of everything that happens in the new family. Unfortunately, very often these mothers become the reason their children divorce. They will stick their nose everywhere and mercilessly criticize everyone. And gossiping about her son-in-law with her friends is what she does.

A Libra mother-in-law

A Libra mother-in-law will not get into a new family's quarrels and play her daughter off against her son-in-law. On the contrary, she will iron out difficulties and end the rift. Even if the conflict is still open she will not take the side of her beloved child, but would try to judge with justice. She is easy to make friends with, it's comfortable to live with her under one roof, and for children, she is even the most beloved grandmother in the world.

A Scorpio mother-in-law

A Scorpio mother-in-law will not give her daughter to a bad person. The pros and cons of the future son-in-law will be examined under a microscope, and if she thinks there are more disadvantages in her opinion than advantages, the woman will make every effort so that this relationship or marriage will never take place. She can even drive a wedge in an already well-established family. Only a Scorpio son-in-law could survive in a battle with her.  

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A Sagittarius mother-in-law

A Sagittarius mother-in-law will not interfere in her children’s family life, and she will only shrug her shoulders to all the complaints. But she will give a lot of advice. Of course, she controls how it all is performed and the main thing is to listen and nod. The only thing that she will require from her son-in-law is respect. To herself and her daughter. If she sees a shred of neglect on his part, then for sure she will figure out how to teach him a lesson.

A Capricorn mother-in-law

A Capricorn mother-in-law will initiate living apart from her children herself. Meddling into family affairs, visiting every weekend, and giving advice is not for her. She can help financially, but only if you clearly and specifically draw up a business plan, or at least clearly explain what exactly this sum of money is needed for.


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An Aquarius mother-in-law 

She will immediately change her son-in-law’s status to son, and during quarrels, she will not take sides with her daughter but will judge fairly. She’s very democratic. But living with her in the same living space is not recommended - she will tire you with her hectic activities: dating, meetings with friends, and English courses.

A Pisces mother-in-law

Such a mother-in-law is ready to sacrifice herself completely. Get along with the children, cook the food, clean the house, take care of grandchildren. She will not quarrel and will only raise her voice a little during all conflicts. It is a sin to offend such a mother-in-law; it is better for her to quickly become a grandmother, and then she will turn into a golden Granny.

Do you agree with this description? Or perhaps you are a completely different mother-in-law? Please write in the comments if this horoscope is right for you!

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