5 Man-Frightening Phrases That Get Him Anxious, Confused, And Even Angry

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January 18, 2019 17:30 By Fabiosa

Most of us feel very bad about the offensive words relatives tell us. Men are no exception to the feeling.

Many phrases and questions that women consider harmless frighten their partners greatly. No matter how strong and fearless they may seem, men are extremely sensitive to certain things.

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5 phrases men are most afraid to hear from you

1. “Do you remember what day it is?”

Most likely, he doesn’t remember that this is the exact day when he gave you a bouquet of roses for the first time, took you on a roadtrip, or declared to you his love. Men simply don’t store such information. Many of them live in fear that they will forget some important date, and often get anxious because of these words.

2. “We need to talk…”

Men are sure that nothing good follows this phrase. It serves as a signal of problems in the relationship, and even possible parting. Well, there is no man who wouldn’t be frightened with such thoughts.

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3. “Who you love more: your friends or me?”

If you agreed to go to the cinema, but he canceled everything in favor of entertainment with friends, it really makes you wonder: does he appreciate you? However, if you don’t trust your man or you are just bored with his absence, this question won’t bring anything good.

4. “Man up!”

It is difficult to find a phrase that would be more humiliating for a man. Perhaps this is the strongest wound you can inflict on the male ego, pride, and self-esteem. Moreover, after such words, a partner can also ask you the predictable retort: “Why don't you behave like a woman?”

5. “Don't you notice anything different?”

All men know: the longer he avoids answering this question, the more upset she will be. If, instead of the purchased earrings, he accidentally praises the new hairstyle, a quarrel is inevitable.

Have you ever said anything similar to your partner? How did your man react? Share with us the result in the comments!

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