5 Things You Should Keep Secret From Your Children

Date March 4, 2019 11:17

Parents want to see their children honest and open, that is why they try to follow the same principles and demand it from the younger generation. Of course, sincerity in the family is essential, but for the sake of proper child’s upbringing, it isn’t necessary to tell them absolutely everything. There are certain things which should be kept secret until a particular time or occasion.

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When is it better to keep silent?

Sometimes, children ask questions that must be answered simply – yes or no. This is much better than long reasoning without any need. Today, we want to suggest the moments when it is better not to speak at all.

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1. Adults aren’t as smart as they seem

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Children have a firm belief that adults know everything and are always ready to answer any questions. Don’t destroy this image, it will be useful to you until a particular time.

2. Pain at childbirth

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Let the tale that the baby was born from the parents’ great love remain bright. Experienced pain and anxiety can cause children to feel guilty that their mother had to suffer so much on account of them.

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3. Cleaning the house isn’t fun

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If the child finds out about this, it will be harder for you to enforce house chores. He will always look for your support to avoid it since you’ve mentioned how you feel about it.

4. Financial difficulties

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Denying your son to buy another toy car because you “have no money” is quite reasonable. However, you shouldn’t talk about unpaid loans and debts if you don’t want to shake the child’s confidence that parents provide the family’s sustainability under any conditions.

5. Other parents’ secrets

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Whatever relationship you have with the children, they don’t need to know that their best friends have any difficulties. Remember, you have been informed about it in confidence and asked not to tell anyone, even your child.

As you can see, children may not come up with these questions by themselves if the parents don’t start the conversation. Therefore, be attentive to which topics you want to discuss in the children’s presence. Even if it seems they are busy with something, they still listen to you attentively.

What about you? What topics do you hide from your children? Share your experience in the comments.

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