6 Steps To Solve Any Argument Effectively

Date November 28, 2018 16:14

Every couple may face differences in their way. This is completely normal and isn't necessarily indicative of a toxic relationship, since you are different people with individual opinions. Both points of view are important if you want to build a happy life together. Usually, quarrels end up happening when momentary desires and emotions prevail over mutual love and affection. Some couples may stop in time, while others continue. All these may be a necessary condition for resolving a conflict.

However, there are six steps to end an argument very quickly.

1. Calm down

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It is very important to realize what is happening and prevent anger from controlling your thoughts, words, and actions. As soon as you let rage out, the situation may run out of control. We can’t return the words we say. Some of them have destructive power. Don’t let the anger ruin what has been built between the two of you for so long.

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2. Think of your partner’s importance

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True love doesn’t fade away in moments of anger and despair. You can’t suddenly stop loving your partner even when you feel animosity. Don’t hesitate to talk about your experience; don’t hide it from your partner. No matter how hard the conversation was, remember how important your beloved means to you.

3. Don’t ignore the situation

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The conflict won’t resolve on its own. By pretending that everything is alright, you are creating a snowball effect – it will grow large until breaks up into many parts, creating myriads of excellent occasions for new quarrels. Any problem should be addressed urgently.

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4. Don’t prolong the “pleasure”

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Unfortunately, some couples can avoid each other for several days just because they couldn’t or didn’t want to find a solution to the problem immediately. Silence is the worst way out. Get out all the arguments at once; don’t extend the conflict; don’t build a wall. It may take you a lot of time to discuss all the disagreements, but you are obliged to do this to return to a normal life as soon as possible.

5. Don’t rehash past mishaps

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During a quarrel, we tend to recall past fails, to hit as painfully as possible. Remember: a quarrel isn’t a competition of who can deliver the most pain. A rash statement can hurt feelings much more than you can imagine. It is necessary to solve only one problem in each argument – its original cause – and not to appeal to former sins.

6. Make sure the incident is completely settled

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At the end of an argument, we tend to breathe a sigh of relief. However, how often do we ask ourselves a simple question – does the solution to the problem suit us both? It is necessary to come to an agreement together. Otherwise, someone will be dissatisfied, offended, or misunderstood. In this case, a new conflict is likely to appear soon.

True love can stand any challenges. You just need to give it a chance. Many temperamental couples quarrel almost all their lives and still live happily because of this: they find the answers to all questions together. While some families may look trusting and harmonious, the spouses are unhappy, as they don’t clarify their relationship. Don’t be afraid of quarrels; be afraid of avoiding them.

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