"Butterfly-Boy" With Unique Skin Inspires Others As He Pushes Through Unfathomable Pain Daily

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January 10, 2019 11:46 By Fabiosa

Some children really amaze by their attitude to life. The way they endure difficulties deserves great respect. During his life, 16-year-old John Hudson Dilgen endured so much pain and suffering that it would be unbearable for most adult people. At the same time, he remains a cheerful person and believes in a positive outcome.

John has been suffering from a rare genetic disease – epidermolysis bullosa. It manifests itself in the form of blisters and skin erosions, which are torn at the slightest damage, causing severe pain. Because of this fragility, the skin of patients with this diagnosis is called “butterfly skin,” bearing its comparison with their tender wings.

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To relieve the suffering, John is covered with special bandages. This procedure and skin care, in general, requires certain equipment. The boy’s family has always dreamed of having a special hydrotherapy bath. They also needed to re-equip their home, making it as convenient as possible for the teenager to move in a wheelchair.

John's mom had to announce a fundraiser since the amount of money spent on the boy was too large.

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Surprisingly, a lot of conscientious people (mostly from the family’s neighborhood) responded to her request, and in a few days, the required funds were raised.

However, the biggest miracle happened during the recent Thanksgiving, when one of the charitable funds took care of a new house for the Dilgen family with all the necessary specialized equipment: an elevator, ramp, and bathroom. John and his parents are overwhelmingly grateful and hope that comfort and convenience will greatly ease the boy's physical pain. In addition, the boy now has his own room with a huge TV. He couldn’t hold back his excitement when he was examining their new home.

Such people who help others without bearing any personal interest are a great source of motivation and an example to follow for all of us!

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