Charming Baby Copies His Uncle-Model, Who Should Beware Of Such Strong Competition!

Date November 28, 2018

If you thought that competition is always a serious challenge, we would like to offer you a different perspective. This time, it has turned out to be really funny!

New York resident Aristotle Polites is a famous model with astonishing looks. He likes sharing his photos on Instagram, flashing a pumped torso, rippling muscles, and other parts of his well-groomed body.

His older sister, Katina Behm, never misses the chance to take the mickey out of Aris about his modeling career. However, she always does it with respect to her younger brother. One of the most successful jokes once took an interesting twist.

Katina was unable to get her little son Augie to wear a new plaid shirt. However, his bare-chested appearance immediately made her laugh out loud – he looked almost exactly like a hero out of a woman’s novel.

Then she remembered that she had already seen the same image on her brother’s Instagram page.

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Putting the photos of her baby and the young man together, Katina was delighted with the similarity and decided to share her practical joke with everyone.

This is how she started a page on Instagram, where she now uploads photo collages of her beloved relatives. The joined account has already attracted more than 70,000 followers and continutes to grow rapidly. Neither models mind the popularity!

Just take a look at the amazing shots of the two young men!

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Simply astonishing!

Katie Sturino came up with another interesting idea for joined photos. Despite her curvy form, she sure knows how to copy the most popular celebrity images.

She has already tried on herself the outfits of Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and even some models from popular glossy magazines.

Great transformation!

Did you enjoy these collages? The ability to treat your appearance easily and cheerfully is a necessary character trait. Have you ever tried to recreate someone’s image? Share your experience in the comments.

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