2 Years Ago, She Pranked Her Dad By Replacing Candies With Cabbage. He Became More Cautious, But Fell For It Again

Date January 16, 2019 15:32

Probably all of us, at least once in our lives, tried to play somebody up. As you know, laughter makes us live longer, but some jokes may be too cruel. This girl can be called a real evil genius. She managed to prank her father twice with the same trick.

Judy Brown loves Christmas holidays. She adores decorating the Christmas tree, preparing a festive dinner, and … playing tricks on her father. In 2016, she made her cruel plan work for the first time. Knowing about her dad’s love to Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Judy found a great way to trick her poor father.

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I just wrapped the sprouts so he would open them (all sealed up as if new) and he was horrified to find the disgusting mini cabbages of doom.

Having discovered the substitution, the girl’s father was horrified and decided to play the same trick on Judy’s brother. However, the smart girl warned her sibling about the danger, informing the location of the real chocolates in the box. Every time he took one, he would find real chocolate, while the dad always found only brussel sprouts.

However, the most interesting thing happened 2 years later. The poor dad still couldn’t forget about the chocolate fraud, so he was suspicious of all the kids’ offers and gifts.

It turned out Judy was just waiting and lulling her father’s vigilance. This time the girl prepared more thoroughly. She waited until her father was out of home, melted a bar of chocolate, dipped the cabbage sprouts into it, and then rolled them in hazelnuts, trying to copy the original candy. She wrapped up the treats and even placed the “Ferrero” in the original box and sealed it with glue. Judy hid the “chocolates” in a bag of gifts from her aunt and began the wait.

Noticing his favorite treats, the father looked at them with suspicion and was in no hurry to open. He struggled with the desire to open the box, but the craving for the sweets took over. Dad cautiously took a Ferrero and gently put it in his mouth. The pleasure on his face instantly changed to horror and disgust.

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Many people liked the idea:


This is an evil genius level prank.


Your commitment to the prank is almost majestic. I applaud you!


They look pretty legit😱 I would totally fall for this prank.

How to respond to pranks

No one is protected from practical jokes, but if you respond correctly, you can come out victorious:

  1. Laugh together. Sometimes the best way out is to laugh at yourself. A sense of humor is an invaluable quality that will help you show your worthiness and not take the prank close to your heart.
  2. Stop the prank. If you don’t like such jokes, let the prankster know. Some of them can be dangerous and unpleasant.
  3. Make fun of others but think about it hard. Excitement can play a cruel joke and potentially ruin a relationship with a friend.

It seems that now Judy will have to think carefully about her behavior. What do you think, will her father seek revenge? Will he ever eat these sweets again? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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