Father Took A Photo Of His Daughter And Created The Mystery That Hasn’t Been Solved Since 1964

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February 7, 2019 16:59 By Fabiosa

The past conceals many secrets and mysteries that are impossible to be unraveled. One of these secrets has been tormenting humanity since 1964, and so far no one has a reliable idea of what happened.

Father Took A Photo Of His Daughter And Created The Mystery That Hasn’t Been Solved Since 1964Getty Images / Ideal Image

Jim Templeton worked as a fireman in Carlisle (Cumberland, England) and was fond of local history and photography. One day, he, his wife, and five-year-old daughter went to Burger Marsh.

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According to Jim's recollections, there were no people at the marsh that day. They saw only a few elderly women, but they didn’t meet them face to face.

Templeton asked his daughter to pose in the charming scenery and took three shots. To his surprise, when he developed the photographs, he saw that his daughter wasn’t alone in one of the frames.

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There was a creature behind her back, whose silhouette resembled an astronaut. Jim was shocked and scared. He was absolutely sure that there was nobody behind the daughter when he was taking the photos.


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Templeton went to Carlisle police with a photo and sent it to a local newspaper. Even though the police told him that they didn’t see anything strange in the photo, they made a real sensation about it in the newspaper! The photos were very quickly printed in other editions. While the photo has been in the public domain for 40 years, Jim received several thousands of letters from people from all over the world. They wrote to him their ideas about what kind of object might be in the photo.


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Despite some mysticism, the main (and most logical) version is that the daughter’s mother, Jim's wife, was standing in the background. While taking pictures and looking at the lens, the photographer might have simply failed to notice how his spouse moved into the shooting range. If you darken the photo a little, the figure in the background looks more like a person with a bob haircut. In addition, the stranger's clothes become light blue – the same color of the dress that Mrs. Templeton wore that day.

Well, there has been no conclusive answer to this riddle for more than 55 years. Moreover, Jim was confident until the last moments of his life and claimed that no one could have been in the background at that moment. If he is right, it does indeed become a bit creepy.

What do you think about it? Who is the creature in the background? Maybe you have your own version? Share it in the comments!

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