Gross Or Fine? Mom Shared A Video Where She Sucks The Snot Out Of Her Child's Nose

Date January 15, 2019 14:41

Newfound mothers know how having a child may change their life. They try hard to forget about all inconveniences for the sake of a newborn baby. That is why extra inspiration and motivation is always helpful. This mother decided to share a great trick that may benefit ill children but cause disgust in adults.



It's no secret that babies often have a stuffy nose. Nasal mucus helps to remove pathogens from the body. However, excessive mucus accumulation prevents the baby from breathing well, hampers food intake, and significantly impacts a baby’s mood. Therefore, many mothers try various tricks to help alleviate their child's illness.

This mom decided to use a special tool designed for extracting snot to help her little daughter.

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It is quite simple to use an aspirator: one tube is inserted into the nose, and another is used to suck out the snot. The mucus remains in the aspirator due to a special sponge filter, so parents need not be afraid that the contents will get into their mouth. However, not everyone shares a similar positive attitude.

@Not Today:

I am going to be a new mother in Janurary 2019. Watching these videos makes my stomach hurt.


Welp, I’m officially never having kids

@Too Sassy:

OMG! This is gross seeing it and doing it!! And yes, I'm a parent of three.

Those who consider the process unpleasant may calm down: you can alternatively attach a syringe or a small squirt bottle to the end of the tube and draw out mucus in that way.

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Many wrote that it was unpleasant to look at it, but there were also those who supported the woman.

@Katherine Brandow:

You’ll do anything to make babies feel better.

@Teonia McKenzie:

This is a great product and for those that say it is vile and too gross when your baby is sick and miserable because they cant breath you will do ANYTHING to make them feel better.







If this still hasn’t got you convinced, there are other ways to clean a baby’s nose:

  1. Use a saline solution. You can also make the solution yourself by adding a teaspoon of salt in 8.5 oz of previously boiled water.
  2. Rinsing the nose with salt solution is effective only with liquid secretions. With thick snot, the child won’t be able to blow the nose, but will rather breathe the solution in the nasopharynx along with the snot, swallow it, and start coughing severely.
  3. You can remove hard mucus around the nostrils by moistening a cotton pad in warm water and applying to the area.
  4. Place the humidifier in the baby’s room. It will ease the child’s breathing and reduce the risk of a blocked nose.
  5. Light tapping on the back will help if the snot stays too deep.

Not every cold needs treatment and cause inconvenience to a baby, so there is no need to hurry. It is better to consult a pediatrician so as not to harm the child.

What do you feel about this method? Have you ever tried sucking the snot from your baby with such a tool? Would you dare do it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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