Husband Cheated On His Wife In Her Dreams. She Was Impressed With How He Cheered Her Up

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January 25, 2019 11:43 By Fabiosa

Cheating is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon that can bring a lot of pain and suffering. As it turned out, this can happen even in your dreams!

One morning, fireman Chris Kent from Ohio returned home and noticed that his wife Rachel was upset about something. It turned out she had a dream that he was cheating on her. Chris recalls that evening:

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Knowing I would never do those things in real life she explained to me what had happened.

By the way, the couple is raising three beautiful children.

Later, when the family went to church, Kent noticed that Rachel was having difficulty sleeping. It was then that the fireman decided to cheer her up. Chris bought a bouquet of beautiful red roses and attached a note to it.

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I'm sorry I cheated on you in your dreams ... I would love to say it won't happen again, but its out of my control. 

Of course, flowers and a witty note immediately evoked a smile on Rachel's face.

Kent shared this charming story on Facebook to remind all couples how important it is to show love and attention to your partners not only on special occasions but also during ordinary days.

When my sons see how I treat my wife, I hope that when they grow older, they will also treat their girlfriends and wives the same.

Rachel was very lucky with her husband. We hope that cheating will never go beyond Rachel’s dreams!

Have you ever had similar unpleasant dreams? Have they influenced you in reality? What did you do? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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