Little Hurricane: 5 Things To Know About Baby-Aquarius

Date February 6, 2019 12:23

Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign, whose time comes on January 21 and lasts until February 19. We have already told about horoscope's fluttering butterfly in terms of appearance and behavior. Now, it's time to find out what Aquarius people are like as children. What should parents, siblings, and grandparents prepare for when dealing with an Aquarius kid?

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They are very special, and today, we will tell you why.

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1. Energetic

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Born under the element of Air, little Aquarius kids are like little hurricanes. They hardly ever sit still but at the same time aren’t very spoiled. They are rather curious and interested in everything that happens around them. If you think that Aquarius children don’t hear you, that isn’t true. They are just distracted, and their thoughts are replaced so quickly by another that Aquarius kids simply forget what you have said.

2. Stubborn

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It is useless to prohibit them something if they really want it. Aquarius kids won’t abandon their plans unless they get bored. There is nothing bad in it, even if their desire isn’t worth it. In this way, Aquarius learns life and perceives the world.

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3. Sensitive

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Aquarius people can “read” another's mood from an early age. They literally feel people. If the mother feels bad, Aquarius kids will understand this first and try to help her. They will cheer her up, distract her from the problem, and will definitely make her smile.

4. Surprising

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With the birth of Aquarius, be prepared that your life will change dramatically. It will become much more interesting. Together with the baby, you will learn a lot of new and surprising things. Not you will be their teacher, but rather they will guide you in this world. Aquarius will inspire you to try new cuisines, fly to an unknown country, do something you haven’t even dreamed of. They will make you leave your comfort zone to undertake new and great experiences!

5. Emotional

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If a little Aquarius is laughing out loud and a minute later you hear him crying, there is no need to worry. Such mood swings are characteristic of this zodiac sign. The most important thing is that it changes very quickly, so most likely, the drama will end in a minute or two. Allow babies to cope with emotions on their own, but stay close. There is always a rainbow after the rain, and these changes always happen very quickly with Aquarius.

What about you? Do you know any Aquarius kids? Maybe your own children, grandchildren, or nephews? Share your experience of dealing with them in the comments.

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